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Bitdefender 2013 - Wallet

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Posted 13 August 2013 - 05:54 PM

When I go online - it indicates that I am on Bitdefender 2014. How do I know which version of Bitdefender Internet Security I am really on?

I found today that when I try to open Wallet - it asks for the master password as usual. But - it keeps telling me that the master password is incorrect.

I downloaded the reset_password program so I could reset the password for the product. Started windows in safe mode - ran the program - gave me a cmd and it appeared to complete so I pressed a key to finish up.

I restarted windows normally - tried to open Wallet and got the same kind of message after trying to enter the master password. I then realized that I needed to set the password for the product so I went in under general settings and enterd the password. When I try to get into Wallet it keeps telling me that the master password is incorrect.

I can go into the product under settings - try to change the password - it asks for the original password I key that in and I can get into entering a new password. I can get into the MyBitdefender on the web with no problem either.

So what am I mssing?

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