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Please Help Me Generic.virtob 2 And More Infected!

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Posted 17 February 2009 - 07:09 PM

Hello i am Micke,
I have had some problems with a File called Virtob2 and a few more witch has been found by your software , then name of the other virus or malware is behaveslike:Win32 explorer Hijack and some file named "Agent" something, please tell me what i can do to prevent it and get rid of these ffiles, I have tried to reformat XP a couple of time, after i reformated I went online, and nothing happend, and since this virus had infected my computer before i reformated, i made some backup of important files onto a DVD and when i ran i file from this back uP DVD after I reformated I got these Viruses again, so i though it must have been infected in one of the files i backed up before i reformated, and so this is what i would like to ask, How can i scan the DVD before it can infect my computer again if i do a format of XP again to get rid of these viruses?
I ask this because i have a HD aswell that was probably infected with these viruses witch contains videos and pictures of my family and some other important files witch i need to know if they are infected aswell or not, how can i best solve this , without infecting my computer yet another time, and succesfully backup these important files on the DVD and my other HD.
please help me.
Here below i have allso included i picture that displays a couple of file that always are found when these viruses have infected my computer. do anyone know why these are there and what they are, i have not installed any program that i know of that contains these files by default. and do they have anything to do with this Virtob virus?

I cant link to this screenshot so If someone could tell me where i can link it from then thank you!

anyway the name of these files witch i suspect allso has something to do with this Virtob2 is a file called as folowed: " Reader_s ", " Bub ", " Jvpsps ", " yfevtmm "

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Posted 17 February 2009 - 09:53 PM

Now Bitdefender found one of these viruses at a location i cant find on the Computer,
in the popup it say" Virus Name: BehavesLike:Win32. explorer Hijack"
then its say" Location: horobl.cn/ex/0032.exe Acces to file was denied"
where is this location is this a file on my computer cause i cant find it, or is it a file trying to get into the computer from the internet?
please help me out here.

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