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General Observation On The “hard Drive Filling Up On It's Own..” Topic.

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Posted 13 January 2009 - 09:29 AM

G'Day Folks,

General observation on the “Hard Drive Filling Up On It's Own..” Topic. Topic Link.

I would entrust that anyone reading this will do so with an open mind and apply the same constructive explanatory composition that I have used in composing the related comments in the following text.

At the outset let me say that my 30+ years experience in the IT Industry, does not make me an expert in solving particular individual issues or problems. All that experience only serves to give me a far deeper insight and understanding of them and the related possible other issues that may be intertwined and affect the problem.

The speed of development in the IT and Personal Computer arena, has made the technical knowledge I learnt a month ago or yesterday, redundant to-day, or at least it seems that way.

Mind you I have used this information when attempting to explain to a Help Desk Person that they are not communicating with a “Novice User” falls on deaf ears, which in most cases is due to the fact that their “Brainwashed Training” is so embedded, that they believe in the Hype that the Publisher that they work for is invincible and does not make mistakes, so it must be the User and not them or the Publisher of the Software application in question that is at fault.

Then we get to the non-cyclical information (non-aligned information) innuendoes (Nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Know what I mean? Say no more!) hearsay, flaming, - mine is bigger than yours scenario, and so on.

To the chase;

1. General Forum Remarks:

One of the predominant faults with the posts on this or any other Forum Site is the fact that they have not clearly defined or segmented the support they offer and this in itself becomes confusing.

As an example, “General Talk” -V- “Malware Talk” where I would have thought that General Talk would relate to Program issues and rather than Malware, a more common term like “Virus Talk” should have been used. A Virus is something that we all know about where Malware is not a commonly used term by the majority of PC Users. Hence a lot of new forum members post virus issues in the General Talk. If we look at the explanation given by the Wikipedia Encyclopaedia of what a Virus -V- what Malware is, you will understand the confusion. Better support definitions need to be made.

The BitDefender Forum is related to Anti-Virus and the like, i.e. Any Type of Intruder Detection of a PC. This may come in different forms of these types of single application programs or suites combining all manners or needed protection in view of the broadband Internet connection speeds and modern threats.

It is ludicrous to believe that any single protective program will afford the PC User of protection while they surf (brows) the www (World Wide Web) The use of a Protection Suite commonly referred to as “Internet Security Suites” containing maximum protection is in fact needed to attempt to do so. It also needs to be understood that no program of this type will give 100% protection from Virus infection or other intruders of any kind.

Mixing protective programs from different publishers’ i.e. using an anti-virus program from one and a firewall from another and a anti-spyware, plus anti spam, etc program from yet 3 more different publishers is asking for trouble. This is where a program like BitDefender Internet or Total Security will during their installation offer (by automatically checking the task) to disable the Windows Firewall, which in my opinion does not go far enough and should also detect and offer to un-install or say that the active loading of other protective programs must be disabled or un-installed before BD software is loaded (installed)

Now for the big HOWEVER:
There needs to be a clear distinction made where only part of another program may need to be “not Loaded” e.g. “AdWatch” part of AdAware, if loaded will cause conflicts, however the scanner of AdAware can be run while BD products are active as TSR’s and cause no conflict which is proved and tested by us and working on 100’s of our customer PC’s, so only the AdWatch component need to be removed from the load (run) parameters in the AdAware options menu and the program can remain and does NOT need to be un-installed. Similar action is needed with the “Tea Timer” from SpyBot Search and Destroy. Others exist with similar TSR’s that if prevented from loading as A TSR, will then not cause any conflict with BD programs.

2. Using Security and Ant-Virus Protection:

Then however there is the fact that a lot of users only get to using one of these after they have been infiltrated by a parasite (Virus, Trojan, Worm, Adware, Malware, Spyware, Spam, etc, etc.) and their PC has been compromised (infected)

Installing a Anti- anything program in an attempt to now clean the infection from the PC, which as we know, does not work in 99% of cases and only minor infections can be removed in the pre-installation scan of these type of programs.

Installing this type of program after you have been infected is like closing the corral gate after the horses have bolted.

3. Competitor Anti-Competition or Anti-Competitive Ploys and Warnings:

Then we come to the competitive ploy to suggest that all other competitors programs of this type are not as good, by suggesting that there is a compatibility problems if the User has them installed in addition to this one.

This is true only if the user is attempting to run these concurrently as active programs and as part of the Run command parameters (loaded when the PC boot_s to the OS Desktop and shown as an active icon in the TSR area, right side of the Start Bar).

This obviously, understanding that these security programs protect the user from changes in system and other parameters, that a virus or other infiltrator program will attempt or will perform without them, would cause the performance of this to conflict with another program attempting to perform the same task at the same time.

Also it should be realized that the 1st program that detected the intruder, now must perform a task that the 2nd program believes is also an intruder (making system alterations) and knock the task on its head, resulting in the intrusion not having been prevented and causing a system error or failure. – got the idea ? and I trust that this may give some basic logic and understanding on the subject of why these publishers do not recommend the installation of more than one of these type of security suits.

Others similar protection programs and scanners can be installed, however with the above notes (item1 and 2) on running or loading them at the same time, we need to ask someone how they can be installed and how to run them so as not to cause operating faults or conflicts with others.

I have to make a comment on the Ranking and other Reviews that are available on the subject of Internet Security and the like Anti-XXXXX programs. “If you look long enough, you will find any publisher on the top of one of the review lists or the Top 10 list!
- Think about it.

4. The support issue:

A lot of Publishers use Forum Sites to fill the gap for the lack of a larger Support Department within the Company which can become costly in Staffing them and rely on the cheaper alternative of Free Volunteers on a Forum site in reward for free software and fancy titles and perceived authority which fool most of the Novice Users.

Users, as we have seen here in many other posts, turn to these forums in frustration for lack of official support, propagated and expounded as a sales gimmick only, which was suggested and said to be quick and efficient 24/7 – and only resulting in automated responses promising and answer within 48 hours, which never came!

Moderators on the forum, instead of merging posts on this subject, allowed 100’s different topics to be created, compounding the issue and making it larger that what it should have been. Yes I added my tuppence (two pennies) worth on 2 or 3 of these.

Yes the Support with BD is lagging and is one of the worst I have seen, yet other forums (any product) will see as many, which tell us that BD is not the only Publisher with this poor support reputation.

The rapid growth of BD may have something to do with it, yet due to their rapid growth and revenue earnings from sales, they should have allocated sufficient resources and funds to make their customer support a priority. The reputation of BD will suffer because of it, i.e. their failure in and provision of adequate Customer Support.

5. Requests for support on forums:

This has always been contentious and the new (mostly Novice) members and PC Users do not read any Guides or rules on what a forum is and or does and does not do, that it becomes frustrating at the best of times when other members attempting to help, get flamed and or ridiculed for their free help.

Then we also get to the “Mine is bigger than yours” scenario and trivial comments not related to the Topic, or the use of the Quote reply option only serving to fill space on the topic pages and needing to wade through a lot of repetitive text, that is un-necessary to those that have been following the posts in the topic. A simple opening line using the member’s name e.g. “In response to member name” to which we are responding, I think, would suffice to direct the response post to the appropriate previous related post! The only time that this would not be the case, is when the response is posted on page 4 say of a Topic in reply to a post on page 1, which is common sense to most but not all and use the Quote / Reply option in the post itself rather than the FASTREPPLY or ADDREPLY at the bottom of the topic page. Maybe these should be added to the post frame?!

When now a Member asks for help, they omit to tell other members, not only what they have installed, saying “I have installed BD and it fails to load ...” or no where in their Subject line or in their post do they mention the version of the installed BD program they have installed and greatly fail in informing us as to the Operating System (environment) they installed it on.

Folks, you need to understand that a Ford Car is different in its construction to a General Motors, with different engines, etc. So it is with Microsoft OS’s and using 32 bit or 64bit and other engines.

The ideal opening lines should be like this,
“Hello, I am using Windows XP Pro at SP 3 level on a standalone PC and installed the Trial version of BDIS 2009 which is not updating”
Long version of this would read.
“Hello Members, I am using Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 on my standalone PC with a 250GigaByte Hard Drive and 2GigaByte of RAM, on which I installed the Trial version of BitDefender Internet Security 2009, using the default installation paths and instructions, and noticed that it is not updating the definition files.”

On the topic which prompted this post (others are just like it) the OS information and other pertinent parameters that should have been there in the first place are later referred to but almost hidden. The fact that the OS was not disclosed in the opening post, makes me wonder how any response could offer a centralistic solution for the issue? Try putting diesel in a petrol engine and see what happens, yet we think that the solution on a XP PC is the same on a Vista, or 2003 PC, you got me, thinking that you know the answer to the “Which was 1st, the Chicken or the Egg” question.

The easiest way to solve a problem is to blame the other 3rd party program installed on the User’s PC, commonly known as “Passing the Buck” However with the rapid changes in software development anyone could be responsible and equally held to blame, please remember that and look beyond and take a broader view of the disclosed issues.

6. General Summation:

We have used and installed BD products on Windows 2000 SP4; XP (all versions and SP’s) Vista (all versions and SP’s) on many different Motherboards and system hardware configurations and with varied other application software installed, including other Security scanner type software and Utilities.

We also experienced early issues and differences (back to v8 and 10) in the direct communication with some of the BD Development and Support Staff and had major clashes of and when they suggested that some programs other than BD, that we had installed, were the causes of BD not functioning correctly because they were installed, not realizing that they were not active or running as TSR’s, but that’s another story, as is the differences of opinion we have had on this forum with Moderators and ridiculous ploys used to justify their behavior.

We have also used and Installed Security Suits and individual products from the following publishers, Symantec Norton, Kaspersky, AVG, Trend Micro, Zone Alarm, McAfee. Panda, AdAware, Spybot Search and Destroy, Tiny Firewall, Spyware Blaster, Trojan Remover, XoftSpy, BPS Spyware & Adware Remove, just to name a few of the many (100’s) that we have trialled or have been requested to install on Customer PC’s, with dire consequences with some of these that that we have not mentioned, nor will for obvious reasons. It should be noted that they were installed contrary to our recommendations "not to do so" and the customer insistence!

We also do Beta testing for a few Software Publishers.

There is no singular situation other than the predominant “Users lack of understanding” of the OS System Environment and related methods of following proper installation procedures of the Operating System in the first instance. Subsequent driver installations for the Motherboard, followed by the OS updates, and then program application, preferably custom, installation procedures.

The main issue being one of a “Gung Ho” attitude and believing that by just placing a installation disk in the drive and just clicking on YES, YES, YES, without reading any instructions, that the program is correctly and fully installed with all functions set and ready to operate or, in the instance of security software, the system is correctly and fully protected without need to check the Options of the Security suite and its component programs. Bad mistake in believing or using this sometimes called “default installation” procedure, which result in the many issues reported in Support and Forum Help requests..

7. Closing comment and words to the Wise:
We have been there before, heard it before, seen it happen, still learn something new every day, put up with a lot, help where we can and turn the other cheek when we get abused for it, as long as we get paid for the work! When our help is free and the same thing happens, I’m sure we don’t have to tell you where to go, others will have done so already.

One’s lack of understanding and insight into a problem or understanding of it’s cause, is not a justifiable reason to blame others. wub.gif

Happy computing and take another look at the Forum and how to get the best benefit from it.

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