Mysql On Bitdefender Total Security 2012

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Hi, I'm trying to run a test mysql server (mysql-5.5.22) but I keep geting this error:

The security settings could not be applied to the database because the connection has failed with the following error.

Error Nr. 2003

Can't connect to MySQL server on 'localhost' (10061)

If a personal firewall is running on your machine, please make sure you have opened the TCP port 3306 for connections. Otherwise no client application can connect to the server. After you have opened the port please press [Retry] to apply the security settings.

If you are re-installing after you just uninstalled the MySQL server please note that the data directory was not removed automatically. Therefore the old password from your last installation is still needed to connect to the server. In this case please select skip now and re-run the Configuration Wizard from the start menu.

I've set paranoid mode on firewall, but no popup displays :wacko: :wacko: .

I've add mysqld.exe and mysql.exe in app rules, but is not working.

Any tips?

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Hi :)

Welcome to the forums.

Please follow the steps explained in the article below and send me via PM the generated log file:

If the file is too big to attach it, upload it on


and send me a PM with the download link.

If you were already asked to generate the log file, disregard the message above and just post the ticket ID.

Have a nice day.

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Was this solved?

When I try to connect to MySQL server I get the message:

"Can't connect to MySQL Server on 'localhost' (10061)

No connection could ve made because the target machine actively refused it"

I tried adding an application rule but am not sure if I have done this correctly.

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Hi :)

I think I have a solution for your case.

As the new Bitdefender 2013 product suite was released, we would like to inform you that you benefit from a FREE upgrade to the latest version.

Apart from the fact that the 2013 suite brings lots of new features and improvements, it will most likely solve any issues that you may have encountered with your previous Bitdefender product.

Please check out this announcement:

After you install the new version, if needed, we will continue the conversation on the new area from here:

Thank you.

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