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Bitdefender Safebox - Get 2 Gb Free Now

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Safeguard. Sync. Share. With one click.

Enjoy simple, reliable, and affordable online backup, recovery, and synchronization for your important files. Now with one-click share of your files with friends and data access from anywhere on the Web.

Online Backup and Synchronization

Store critical data off-site on a secure server, plus sync files between your devices.

Real-time Backup

Safebox monitors your files and instantly backs them up the moment a change is detected. This way you will always have the latest version of your valuable documents stored online-safeguarding you from the unexpected.

Synchronize Multiple Folders

Unlike other synchronization applications that only synchronize one folder, Safebox allows you to backup and syncan unlimited number of folder, no matter where they reside on your PC.

Send large files with ease

Ever wanted to share a file that was just too large to send over e-mail? Safebox is your solution! Simply right-click a file and share it with whoever you want!

Manage Your Files... From Anywhere

Away from home or the office and need important files saved on your PC? Safebox gives you instant access to all of your backed up files from any Web-connected device - making it easy for you to get back on track!

Favorites files get all-time access

Need to have access to particular at all time? Mark files as favorites from your mobile devices and use them even when you're not connected to the Internet.

Mac? PC? iPhone? iPad? Android?No Problem!

With Safebox, you can sync, share and backup files from any PC, IOS, or Android device. It doesn't get any faster or convenient than this!

File Versioning

Safebox tracks your file changes and keeps previous versions of your backed-up files in a comprehensive database. It's like having your own time machine!

Complete privacy

Safebox keeps your private data private! It shields your files away from prying eyes by encrypting them when they are uploaded, as well as when they are stored on remote servers.

Get 2 GB for Free NOW!

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