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Just upgraded to 2012, from 2010/2011 BDIS.

I receive the following error message: "Your computer appears to be correctly configured, but the device or resource (DNS server) is not responding"

I have narrowed it down to the BD Firewall. I have troubleshooted everything else...router, network connection, flushed DNS, reset TCP/IP, tried a static IP, etc., and this does not occur on a different computer that does NOT have BD installed.

This error message only appears when I have BD Firewall enabled.

What's puzzling, is the upgrade process brought over all my previous settings, so there's not a setting I'm aware of that is any different than previously.


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Why has this not been addressed, or gone unanswered?

BDIS is leaving me no option other than to turn off the firewall.

I have tried the following additional steps beyond spending 20 mins with ISP tech support, to narrow down the problem initially...

1. Completely uninstall and reinstall a fresh BD!S

2. Completely purged all temp, prefetch, etc. directories

3. Resetting wireless router

4. Tried static IP

5. Purged browsers cache, cookies, temp files, etc.

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Hi ScottS

Please tell me, did you reset your router to factory settings?

Thank you.

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I am having the same problem with a computer from a client that has Windows 7 HP 64 bit SP1 and Bitdefender Internet Security 2012.

I have permanently turned off the firewall and turned on the Windows firewall for now and that allows the computer to work normally.

A dozen other computers works fine so it's not the router.

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