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Hi I have a new system that slows to a crawl shortly after using the internet for the first time. It happens with IE/Firefox/Chrome. The process consuming the most total CPU time according to task manager is seccenter.exe, vsserve.exe also has significant CPU time.

I see CPU usage by windows explorer and the WDM.exe process as well, but these are less than the seccenter process. Please let me know if there are any settings i should change to speed the system up.




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Welcome to the forum. :)

1. Do you have any other security programs installed?

2. Did you uninstall any other security programs before installing BD and if so, by what procedure?

3. Which BD 2011 product do you have installed - Antivirus, Internet Security or Total Security?

4. According to the Win7 Computer Properties screen shot, you don't have SP1 installed - is there a reason?

5. Are you up to date with other MS critical updates?

Awaiting your reply,

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