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Not Scanning After Update

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Using the Rescue CD on a computer that I had recently found quite a few virus/ trojans on.

(Just to be sure the machine is now totally clean)

When machine is connected to the internet it updates definitions etc,

the "loading antivirus engine" message appears, then nothing.

When I unplug from the network and do not allow an update, the scan appears to be working as intended.

My main concern is this:

since the computer is part of a domain (running Windows 2k3 server as Domain Controller)

is it possible that the DNS server etc has been compromised and BitDefender is downloading an update from somewhere other than the correct server, causing the Rescue CD to not scan correctly?

If not, why would it not scan when I allow it to update, but work when it is not connected to the network.

What would be an easy way to verify that the updates the Live CD is receiving are coming from the correct server?

Any help here is GREATLY appreciated.

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