Bitdefender Won´t Even Start

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Hi guys,

I´m trying to use Rescue Disk but it won´t even start.

I tryed to update my windows to see if i´d get the operation system to iniciate. When windows started in a few seconds many process (a lot of virus, i think) began to run and the pc was killed.

I boot Windows Pro SP3 to update, but in the middle of the instalation my pc was rebooted. And start rebooting every time the windows was about to began.

I´m using bitdefender 2008 CD rescue, and i got this mensage before it stopped:

udev-event[2306]: run_program´/sbin/modprob´ abnormal exit

Do anyone know something to help me?

Thanks for your time.

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Please download, burn and use a newer Rescue CD. What you are seeing is a problem with the platform on which the Rescue CD is built and most of these problems have been solved in newer versions.

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