What Is The Midas_2010 Iso?

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I am getting a bit confused regarding the different versions on the Bitdefender rescue CD. In this topic http://forum.bitdefender.com/index.php?showtopic=20720 it says that both

bitdefender-rescue-cd.iso    06-Aug-2010 19:02    319M
rescue_new.iso    06-Aug-2010 20:02    319M

are the same Iso. But what about the folder with the Midas_2010, which is much more updated? (September 20 as opposed to August 06).

All in all, which is the latest version that I should choose?

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I was also curious to know the same and had chat session to get some information, but simply get reply that "These files represent fixes that we deliver to our customers whenever they experience some specific issues regarding certain updates and software settings."

And about "bitdefender-rescue-cd.iso" its a original file and the other one "rescue_new.iso" is the backup file. You can use the former.

Thats all what I had from the chat session.

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bitdefender-rescue-cd.iso and rescue_new.iso are the same image; the second one was created due to a timing issue some time ago and apparently somebody forgot about it:)

The iso file under the midas_2010 directory is related to KB744.

I'll see what I can do to get these labelled.

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