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I just purchased bit defender total security 2010 for my windows XP desktop. It currently has McAfee security essentials and Microsoft Security Essentials on it. I got this older HP computer from a friend so it is new to me. The bitdefender instructions say to "Uninstall any other antivirus products before installing bitdefender"

I assume the McAfee program qualifies, but do I have to remove the Microsoft security essentials? I think it is part of the original Windows XP program?

Can anyone help me out?

Unfortunately, after I bought this bitdefender, I heard that it is a great program but their tech support is poor and very slow to respond so I am seeking quicker help on this forum. Thanks

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Both of the mentioned products have been installed by the OEM or third parties with or without Microsoft approval.

Microsoft Windows XP does not come with any of the said applications, and the second one is still less than a year old on the market(under it's current name).

Using only one antivirus program is important for both performance and efficiency as some tend to conflict with one another.

The support issue is directly related to the large number of requests and the vacation season at this time.

Have a nice day!

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Indeed my colleague Catalin is right. It's highly recommended to have a single security solution installed on your PC. Also please keep in mind that it's mandatory to use the uninstall tool provided by the respective Company (in your case McAfee) so all files and drivers associated with that software will be removed.

Microsoft Security Essentials is one of the security solutions that do not work well with BitDefender and it's recommended to be removed.

For more information on how to remove McAfee follow THIS link.

Last but not least as I have noticed you are still using BitDefender 2010 I would recommend you to uninstall it using THIS tool, restart the PC then install the newest version released, BitDefender Total Security 2011.

More information about the upgrade process can be found HERE


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