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Rescue Usb Won't Scan Hard Drive

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I'm running BitDefender Rescue from a USB stick because I couldn't get my laptop (HP Compaq Presario CQ60 107-EM) to boot from CD. BitDefender (v2.0.0_3_08_2009) successfully boot_s from the USB, but the initial scan results show Total Scanned Files = 0. I can't get it to access, or scan, my hard drive.

In the user guide, Ch.14 p98, an example "Select a directory" for scanning window is shown: in the left hand panel (titled "Places") is a list of locations including Search and Desktop. On my computer, the only locations shown are knoppix and File System, both on the usb stick. The location buttons along the top of the window on my computer are [disc icon], ramdisk, home, knoppix.

I can't find a way to access my hard drive through this window, nor can I find any way to browse hard drive locations to drag to the drop zone.

Please help!


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