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Hi, we have been running BD Antivirus 2009 and it has encountered this malware, win32.fraudload.edt and we cannot remove it. Can someone help with easy to follow removal instructions? Also, what does this file do? It is very annoying and redirects our computer elsewhere. I see seems to be the one that takes over the browser if you try to use Google when we try to research this file and how to remove it. Microsoft removal tool found nothing and we tried Housecall Beta 7.0 and it also found nothing. Thanks for your help.

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Hello frozen2 ,

Please Go to the next link: , run Avis and Gmer , upload the reports on : and post here the download links .

Also , we recommend you to run another Deep System Scan and save the scan report . You can upload it on the same website then post here the download link . Bellow are the steps that will help you run and save the scan log.


- Before running the scan please make sure that you have the latest virus definitions downloaded via the Update module: open BitDefender, click the "Switch to Basic View" button (if it is not already in Basic View) and choose the "Update Now" task on the right;

- After the update process completes successfully you can proceed to running the scan task: select the "Deep Scan" task;

- When the scan ends, click the "Show Log File" button at the bottom right of the scan window; A browser window will open displaying the scan report; Save this file on a location of your choice

Thank you .

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