Bd V.10 Didn't Uninstall Properly

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When my BD V.10 licence expired, I bought BD Internet Security 2009. I used the uninstall feature of BD V.10, but it stalled before finishing the uninstall. So, I then installed BD Internet Security 2009. Now, BD Internet Security 2009 is working properly, but old messages from BD V.10 keep popping up when I boot the computer e.g. "can't initialise security shield". Have tried uninstalling the old program again but it just won't do it. Does anyone have any idea how to fully uninstall BD V.10?

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Hello Groundhog,

You can use the uninstall tool available here to delete all BitDefender installs from that system and then reinstall BitDefender 2009.

The uninstall tool will target all BitDefender products starting with version 7 up to version 2009 (including version 10).

Let me know how it goes.

Thank you!

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