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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, every time I try and send an email from my gmail to my exchange server through FRAMS I get NDR of 502 Not implemented once I remove FRAMS from the equation gmail can get through to my exchange server, anyone have an idea why this is? Thanks
  2. Hello, I have installed FRAMS on a fedora 25 server, I can telnet to my exchange 2010 server just fine through the FRAMS server, but when I type ehlo I get 501 Parameters required or I get 500 5.3.3 Unrecognized command, if I telnet to the exchange server directly the command works. The reason I think there is something wrong is that when I try and send email through the FRAMS server I get a bounce back of #554 Relay denied for specified host ## . I know my receive connector on my exchange server works because I have used it for other spam filters that I have tried.
  3. I'm running FRAMS on OpenSUSE and upgraded the OS from 42.1 to 42.2 ... FRAMS then stopped working. The system did not even list the bd service any more. I tried to uninstall/reinstall but that failed at the uninstall phase. I removed the packages and then got the install script to work. Now the scan daemon refuses to start. I tried "systemctl enable bd.service" and that seemed to address some issues temporarily - but the scan daemon still fails and I see this with 'systemctl status bd.service': Similar messages appear in the syslog. Every five minutes I get a few email messages with 'System error' as the subject. I'm sure something simple is wrong but I can't find anything in any of the logs that tells me what's failing. This was working just fine ... any idea what might be wrong? I'd bet it's something simple. Any clues as to where to look would be most appreciated...
  4. Realy need help with setting up FRASM on CentOS 7. I have had success at installing and configuring FRASM but have a problem with one component the Mail Daemon. It just wont star! Logs show the following. BDMAILD ERROR: failed to load the mimepacker (-2147483647) BDSCAND ERROR: failed to initialize the AV core Don't know what is wrong and can't find help anywhere on the internet about fixing this error. The only place I think I can get help is in the Bitdefeder forums which tells me that I am not allowed to visit the community. Help!!! I am stuck. Please give me access.