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Found 4 results

  1. I'm having some trouble with getting the Bitdefender Total Security 2016 GUI to show up. Trying to double-click the icon in the tray, right-click it and hitting Show, left-clicking the desktop widget, but a busy mouse-icon appears.. and then nothing shows up, at all. What does happen is that every time I try to get the GUI on-screen by pressing Show from the tray, another instance of Bitdefender Main Interface shows up in Task Manager's Background processes. Have tried reinstalling Bitdefender twice, and after reinstalling, the GUI does show up, but only until the next computer restart, when the issue presents itself again. What should I do? Running Windows 10 x64 Pro and Bit Build version is (pulled from About Box from the tray.. that seems to work)
  2. Hello, New here. Before I start, I can't help but ask: why is the group name stuck on v3.x? Current version is v7.141118. But this is the only group for this product, so posting here. I noticed a few things that the GUI and command line disagree on. Hoping to get them clarified here. 1) Updating. 1a) Opening the GUI and updating (as well as everything else) does not require root. Standard user can do everything. But "bdscan --update" requires sudo. Why? 1b) When updating through the GUI, the last update time and date is shown. But when updating through the command-line, that is not reflected in the GUI. The GUI will still show the last update that was done through the GUI. Please fix. 2) In the Setting in the GUI, the maximum level parameter for entering archives accepts a maximum value of 999. But the command line parameter --archive-level accepts a maximum of 260. Which is correct? Are they both correct and the GUI can do 999 and the command-line will do 260? If they do contradict, it seems more likely that the command-line's 260 is the true limit. If so, what does the GUI do when the value is set to >260? Does it do up to 260? Does it consider it a wrong value and ignores it? There are some more, but don't remember now. Will add them if/when I remember r encounter them again. Thanks for any help/input, Ben
  3. Hi, I installed BitDefender on my PC, but I can't open the GUI. The BD Tray icon is gray and after I click on it, a window shows up saying "Bitdefender Sign in". So I typed in my BD account email and password, and then I clicked on "Sign In". But the tray icon is still gray and when I click on it, the "Sign in" Window shows up again. Pls help. (Sorry for my bad english).
  4. Hi, I am facing a peculiar problem and require help. I was trying to initiate the live RescueCD via a flash drive in my laptop. The problem is, things went fine with the initialisation and then suddenly I would get a prompt of "Ignoring BGRT ..... Invalid loop location: /rescue/livecd.squashfs". The rescueCD is am using is from here. After downloading the ISO, I flashed it on a SanDisk Ultra 3.0 32GB flash drive using FAT32 file format as referred to here. Then, I ran the drive on my desktop and it worked like a charm but when I inserted the same in my laptop (HP 15-R014TX, preinstalled Win 8.1 currently upgraded to Win 10) it refuses to load the GUI and gives me the error that is attached Can anyone please get me a way out of this so that I can load it in my laptop as well? Any tweaks that might be needed? And after Bitdefender's Stickifier failed me, I tried Rufus v2.9 as well but in vain. Please advise. If you require any more information or details please ask me. Just so you know, I have tried both by enabling the Legacy boot options and disabling it, nothing worked. Please help!