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  1. Hi, I also have this version ( and this outlook connection problem which still hasn't been solved, despite the advice in this topic:;#entry227117
  2. Hello Hartassen, Sorry to hear about Avangate and how they handle this problem. I had this same problem almost a week ago. The first thing that i did was go to their website (made an account) and turned off the auto renewal option. Then i sent a refund ticket to Costumer service . The responded the same day and a few days later i got my money back! By the way, i got my advise from this person: rwilsond I hope this helps
  3. Hello Maria de los Angeles, Maybe you already took these steps, but did you also sent an email ticket to Contact Customer Care. That worked for me. On friday 25 January i sent them an ticket and they responded the same day. Today i recieved an email from Avangate that the total amount has been refunded.
  4. Hello rwilsond, Thank you so much for your quick reply and solution for this problem. Yesterday i did exactly what you suggested: i created an account on Avangate and turned off the Auto-Renew feature I also sent a refund ticket to Bitdefender Costumer Service. They responded immediately and today i received a second response. The refund will be made in about 7 business days. All i have to do now is wait and see. I guess that the steps you took with PC-Magazine made a big difference in how quickly they respond to others with the same problem. So thank you again. Have a great day....
  5. Today i received mail from Paypal that a payment had been done via Avangate BV as the authorized vendor of Bitdefender. As far as i know i didn't get any warning mails about renewing my BIS licence. In fact i didn't knew that i had authorized Bitdefender for an autorenewal. So imagine my surprise when i received the payment receipt from Bitdefender. It really bothers me to pay for something that you don't need and without any warning what so ever. How do i solve this problem...?
  6. Hi Christian, The next time i'll check the main interface Thanks for the extra info. Regards Firoza
  7. Hi Christian, Thanks for your quick response and great to know that i only have to wait for the next version update. Had a problem with the action center (windows 7). It kept on warning me that Bitdefender was outdated. Thats why i thought that it had something to do with this version. I just downloaded and installed weekly.exe and it looks like it helped or maybe its just a coincidence Thanks Firoza
  8. Today i've uninstalled and installed BD. Also used the uninstall tool. I still have the same version since the product update of 03.01.2012. Just need to know since i did everything i know to solve this problem what other steps there are to resolve this? Or does this have to do with the languages: US, DE, ES, FR? Thanks in advance Firoza
  9. Hi Robert, Sorry for the mix-up. I was referring to a pm a sent to Christian. So my mail was directed to him. Made the mistake by not mentioning his name. I hope you find a solution for your problem with BD. Greetings Firoza
  10. Hi, I have the same problem with On access scanning. Did what was suggested and used the Bitdefender_Supporttool to generate a standalone support tool log: Visit My Website or I hope this will help! Thanks in advance Firoza