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  1. Hello, Thank you for posting on the Bitdefender Forum. I recommend to try with a different browser like Chrome, Mozilla or update Internet Explorer if you are using it to at least version 10. You can also clear the browser cache and see if the issue is still reproducing. What "rnovasconi" was providing is also a solution to search for different companies that you have created in the Bitdefender Cloud Control Center. Let me know if this is working, else I recommend to contact Bitdefender Support regards andi
  2. As you know, Bitdefender is constantly improving its solutions to offer better protection, performance and usability. The latest update of Bitdefender Control Center brings many developments that will significantly enhance your experience. The update is available in your management console and can be installed at your convenience. The minimum free space required for the update is 2.5 times your current database size. You will find here the update guidelines. Endpoint protection will not be affected in any way during the update process of the console. A more responsive and touch friendly user interface will be available in the Bitdefender GravityZone Console immediately after the console update. In addition, more features aiming to increase the flexibility and simplicity of security management will also be available after the update. To see what's new in the console, watch this video. To benefit from all these new features, you need to upgrade your existing endpoints. The previous version of the endpoint will still be available. If you have questions or you need support please contact us here. If you are encountering an issue during the GravityZone Control Center product update task, or if this is taking more than expected to complete, you can follow the steps from the next KB article in order to address this.
  3. Hi, Please open a ticket for our Support teams. You can open a ticket or contact us via phone by using the next links: Try to add your license key in the ticket so we can identify directly the platform that you are using: GravityZone On-premise, Cloud, AWS. We look forward to hearing from you soon andi
  4. Thanks for your feedback and we look forward to hear from you soon on the Bitdefender forum. regards, andi
  5. Hi What version of Endpoint Security do you have? You can find this by using the About Tab locally on a managed computer. Also, you can restart the Endpoint using GravityZone - Network view - Select target machine - Task - Restart Client. Regards, andi
  6. Hi , Please open a ticket to our Support Teams , as we can help you with a workaround until your request will be added in the product. regards, andi
  7. Hi , Thank you for posting at our Bitdefender Forum. What you are asking is an interesting request, at this time this option is not present but we will see if this can be done. Regards, andi
  8. Hi guys, Have you installed this from our Cloud version or from GravityZone On-premise? There are some possible solutions depending the platform: - Company firewall blocking port 8443, Outbound. - On:Premise GravityZone, managed station cannot access the Communication Server. Try to ping, telnet the GZ Server. Check firewall blocking port 8443, add DNS entry in forward and reverse lookup zones so the name will be correctly translated to the IP address. If the issue is still present, I recommend to open a ticket to our Support Teams. Regards, andi
  9. Hi, Thanks for posting on the Bitdefender forum. The correct approach for your current setup depends on lots of factors: Where are your VMs running: on-premise (VMware, Hyper-V, KVM, or other type I or type II hypervisors) or on Cloud like Amazon Web Services/Azure, plans to grow in the near future, are they Virtual Servers or VDI? Interested also in physical computers and mobile as well? For example is you are interested quickly to protect them, a solution is to try Bitdefender GravityZone Cloud, where the management platform is up and running 24x7 and hosted by us. This is accessible using any browser and you just have to install the Endpoint on your physical and virtual machines. Some strong points for choosing this is: no resources allocated for managment , running 24x7, no geographical limitation. This is only for Windows and MAC OS. Other approach is to install the On-premise GravityZone where you will have to host the management platform, btw this will need resources to run (default are 4vCPU 6GB Ram and 80GB disk space) Is there any way you can add some info about your environment? Regards, andi
  10. Also the IT Admin must check if drivers like VMware Tools are installed and running(in case the station is a VM)
  11. Hi and welcome to the Bitdefender Forum. Please also add port 7083 , TCP and Outbound connection from your VPC EC2 instance to any address Along with 7081 the 7083 port is used for Bitdefender Silent Agent to connect to Bitdefender Security Servers running in Amazon Datacenters. As for the managed instance issue, type service bd restart on the CentOS machine. This will restart the Bitdefender Silent Agents services should list the machine managed in Bitdefender Console. If this is not working ,please open a case to along with some printscreens from Bitdefender Console and the logs from /opt/BitDefender/var/log folder so we can investigate. Regards.
  12. Hi Mike, Can you please let us know what you have done to sort this? My colleague from SMB team recommended to use the full package and check if this is working. Regards, andi
  13. Hi Richard, I managed to find your ticket in our ticketing app and was solved by Uninstalling and Re-installing the Endpoint on the affected machine. Regards, andi
  14. Hello, My recommendation is to modify your current AWS Security Group to allow Outbound connection for port 7081 and 7083, TCP to any address: If you need the exact ip address please send this request to Regards
  15. Hi Scott, On the image you have to delete the following registry key [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlControlSet\Control\IDConfigDB\Hardware Profiles\0001\EPAGHWID] and run in a CMD elevated privilege C:\Program Files\Common Files\Bitdefender\Endpoint Agent\epag.exe /reset_comp