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  1. Profile changes to Game when I open firefox which is strange! Also as you correctly say happens whilst playing games. It doesn't always revert to Standard after finishing the games?
  2. BDTS 2015 (Windows 7 64bit) When I switch my laptop on in the morning I find that in General Settings - Update the frequency has changed to 12 hourly? I reset this to my preferred hourly only for this to change after turning my laptop off & turning on again in the morning? Is this normal?
  3. Whilst I accept that BD is very good, you should never have to do multiple restarts to replace files after a new build! They say it's the silent security but warnings of constant restarts is not silent. This as far as I'm concerned is a bug which started in the 2013 versions & has not been corrected in 2014!
  4. Yep same here....New Build = Reboot Blues! Never understand why they can't update files in one reboot like most other security software?
  5. This reboot was the curse of BDIS 2013 that I had! Loved the software but the endless reboots, repairs & uninstall + reinstall made me give up on it! Tried new version for a week & endless reboots started again and this was on a clean install of Windows 7 64bit. Why is it that bitdefender can't get this right? No other security has ever given me the this grief......shame cause I would use it without doubt!
  6. I had hoped BDIS 2014 would have fixed the dreaded 'update to complete' in this version but after 36hrs of using it I have THREE requests to reboot today already.....anyone getting getting the same? I stopped using 2013 for that reason.
  7. New build = more reboot blues!!!! Why has every build update resulted in constant requests to reboot to replace all files. I have a clean install of windows 7 64bit with no previous AV etc but still the reboot blues persist!! I have yet to have a new build without this really bugging problem...... 1 reboot yes but not 10 or more!? I hope 2014 deals with this else I wont renew!
  8. Now showing....Have a bit of of the reboot blues also! THREE request's to reboot already!!
  9. I see we have another build update to version! Be interesting to see if we still get the continuous reboot to replace all files?
  10. I have this after every build update, even with the latest one! I give it six or seven reboots then I take the plunge & completely uninstall it. I then run CCleaner & the registry cleaner. Then reinstall BDTS allowing it to download updates during installation. Each time this has work well for me and NO reboots. Until they sort this out I will do this for each new build update from now on.
  11. Yep & it's reboot time again!! Already THREE requests to reboot to replace all files!! If it continues for rest of the day it will be my usual complete uninstall & reinstall!!! Each build update recently has resulted in this & then BDTS runs brilliantly.
  12. There is great promise with this Total Security but agree that it should never have been released this early! each new build presents problems so I wonder if it is tested before release? Latest build has almost made me give up on this 2013 version, I have been constantly asked for a reboot to replace all files & my laptop is getting tired of this rebooting all the time, now after another reboot I have 5 modules left in my overview out of 9 or 10 AND this is after a complete uninstall & reinstall. My conclusion so far is that it is fine with 32bit systems but it is not 64bit compatible at all?
  13. I'm getting the reboot message in events all the time after this update? 'update requires a system reboot to replace all files' This has been going on for 2 days following update to build AND I have rebooted via the event notification.
  14. Had exact same problem with my sony vaio windows 7 64bit laptop + HP desktop 64bit. Have you tried installing the 64bit version from installation part of 2013 products. I have tried it on the HP desktop at last with success & now that has finally starting running smoothly with attempt on sony after I have made an image back-up. I have had to temporarily disable MBAM on HP for time being as I was geeting the not responding issue after leaving PC's idle. Don't think MBAM is an issue with BD but it's trial & error for me. Have not used BD since 2009 as it was becoming terrible bloatware but was impressed with Total Security 2013 that I have a Licence to 3PC's but it is not as smooth as I was hoping yet.
  15. I had a similar problem where my pc would totally freeze after idle time & I could not open any program & my only way out was to keep holding power button until pc turned off. This was a daily occurrence (on 2 PC's) I have been asked for a log file but I couldn't risk using this software while it was locking up pc so sadly uninstalled it. It's potential is very good though.