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  1. Correct number is showing. Thank you!
  2. This has been fixed. Thanks!
  3. After installing BDAV 2017, the device count showing at my Bitdefender Central is incorrect. I am only using Bitdefender to protect two devices, however, Bitdefender Central shows I am protecting three devices. Under My Devices, there are two devices showing but the count under My Subscriptions shows three devices.
  4. Every time I open Quicken 2016, Bitdefender shows, "Infected web resource detected". Please see attached.
  5. What Windows version are you running on that machine ? Windows 10 Pro Version 1607 OS Build 14393.187 Do you have any other security solutions ? WinAntiRansom Are you a Admin on that device? Yes Please retry the install using Custom settings to skip the Scan process. This worked perfectly. Thanks! Also please note that tags are also covered by the behavior rules of the forum, please take it as a friendly warning. Where are the rules? Please leave a link. Thanks
  6. The Bitdefender Central account and these online installers have become less than desirable. Waiting over 30 minutes to have absolutely nothing happen is very frustrating.
  7. It's been 35 minutes and I am no closer to having BDAV 2017 installed. Please see attachment.
  8. This statement was made approximately 3 months ago.
  9. Anymore, I don't use my main computer (laptop) as often as I used to. I mainly use it to check my banking account and make purchases. I started my computer this evening and the tray icon showed what I believe was an exclamation mark. I then checked to see what was wrong and selected fix. It showed that Bitdefender hadn't been updated for 24 hours. Wow, earth shattering event here. My question is, why don't you just run your automatic update (silently) and be done with it? I don't know why you feel it necessary to alarm someone like this.
  10. Try these two registry locations. First one is 32 bit and the next is 64 bit. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall
  11. What are all these issues that appear in Central? It shows that there were issues but does not give any further information. Please see attached.
  12. It couldn't possibly take this long to post a new product release announcement and change log(s). You don't know what features have been added and fixed? Very complex task.
  13. I like feature request 2
  14. Hi Dch48. Also the firewall and parental controls. I only use antivirus plus so I can't give any details. Bitdefender Central is new.
  15. Isn't autopilot supposed to turn off when paranoid mode is turned on? Autopilot turned back on after I restarted my computer while paranoid mode remains on. See attachments.