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  1. Please delete my account.
  2. Hello, I would like someone to delete my Bitdefender Account/Forum Account and data (threads, posts, comments, messages, et cetera) for my account goodjohnjr: I used Bitdefender's Contact Page and they gave me a link to delete my account a week ago almost & I tried that, but my forum account/data is still here and I can still log in; and so I need that account/data deleted as well. If you can not delete my account/data, please scramble/make gibberish that data or reset my data to the default empty state on that account. For more information about what I am trying to do: -Thank you
  3. Oh, thank you for showing that, but you might want to adjust the text for that so that people will easily recognize what it is for like: Report Abuse or Report Spam or Report User et cetera because I would not have known & I tried looking; and/or add hover text when someone hovers the mouse over that button that tells you what it is for.
  4. Good, but I hope that you investigate how they got through your defenses and make adjustments (CAPTCHA & Akismet for when people try to create new accounts maybe and/or something like that); because it will probably happen again, both got through within days of each other so they found a weakness obviously. Also it might be a good idea to add a button or something to allow people at the forums to quickly report spam/et cetera by simply clicking a button or something to report it like many other services provide. Good luck.
  5. Okay, there are two possible Spam Topics in this forum that you might want to deal with: Topics: Thank you, -John Jr
  6. You answered my question in that thread now, so this issue should be resolved now hopefully.
  7. I already did, it was in the thread that I posted with this thread (Fortunately I did not delete the file yet, I was going to delete it last week since it has been so long):
  8. Thank you for the update Liubomirwm, I agree, that is definitely not a good answer; but at least they answered one of my questions, that is better than nothing, but I do wonder why the forums here seem to be abandoned mostly now in a way even worse than before. Anyway(s), have a good day. -John Jr
  9. Thank you for sharing that Liubomirwm. I see that none of my questions/concerns on this thread were answered there or here yet as expected but maybe they will answer some of them on this thread eventually, either way I am not worried about it too much. -John Jr
  10. Okay, thank you Liubomirwm , but you might want to keep that reference number private & remove it from this thread.
  11. I started using Bitdefender TrafficLight Full off & on when it first came out, it would cause my browser/website loading to slow down & it would cause some websites to fail to load sometimes forcing me to refresh pages sometimes & it probably used up more RAM/CPU than I liked, and I stopped using it in 2011 when I noticed that it was no longer being updated/it never left beta/these issues were not fixed/et cetera; and I started using the Firefox & Chrome versions off & on until I made this thread. I have stopped using it/them again after seeing the Firefox version once again left out-dated for a while, the full version abandoned without warning/explanation, no replies to my thread & general lack of fixes/support/development, failure of it/them to block a lot of spam/scam/phishing/et cetera websites, and no clear/easy/efficient way to help them improve the database through reporting missed websites by email/web form/forum/et cetera since those methods do not seem to help so much, website lacking links to the forum or form to submit missed links/false positives even after recommending this a year or two ago, and a variety of other reasons. I have also noticed strange things with Bitdefender Free Antivirus that bothered me enough to stop using it as well after seeing it miss certain websites/files, it failing to block certain things that Bitdefender blocks on VirusTotal, slow forum responses & sometimes no response even when the forum is not busy, reporting things do not seem to help improve the product much or at all, and a variety of other reasons. Good luck having your questions answered Liubomirwm and maybe some of my questions will be answered as well, I think that Bitdefender TrafficLight and Bitdefender Free Antivirus have potential, I hope to see them reach that potential one day. -John Jr
  12. Hello, Bitdefender TrafficLight Full seems to still be in permanent beta and seems to have stop/stopped being updated to new versions since/in at least 2011: Has Bitdefender TrafficLight Full been abandoned/cancelled/retired, if not, will it ever leave beta and/or will it ever get a new version? Bitdefender TrafficLight Firefox (Version: 0.2.4 | October 30, 2012) is once again outdated compared to Bitdefender TrafficLight Chrome (Version: 0.2.10 | March 15, 2013): Last time it took months for the Firefox version to be updated, will this happen again & if so why (many other Firefox extensions do not take this long to have their updates approved by the Firefox Team, which was the excuse/reason mentioned last time for the several month delay)? Or is the Firefox version going to stop being updated like the Full version? Why is TrafficLight development so un-even/un-balanced/imbalanced (I can understand some imbalance between the versions but imbalance in months & years is too much imbalance in my opinion), to avoid this, why not just use/develop the Full version which has cross-browser support, to avoid this imbalance/splitting of resources/time? Or is/are all version of TrafficLight going to be retired this year? Thank you, -John Jr
  13. Good, thank you. -John Jr