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  1. You're welcome, teleute, and thank you for posting back and keeping track of your thread I know what your saying, as far as some of what we consider basic functionality options and settings that we seemingly have no control over, or to easily change. Yet, I will give credit to BD Techs here (Georgia, and in the past, Christian) as they do treat us as matur.e PC/software users in that they at times would even offer up Notepad fixes to correct problems temporarily (or in some cases has become a permanent solution). How many vendors forums would even consider and bring those options up? This is one of many things that helps me keep BD installed on at least 2 of my PCs. This has now been "implemented" in the 2015 version by a Update slider: Widget always on top, a self "permanent" fix:;#entry192368 Some things about BD may be a bit annoying, but the security of the product is stellar. (for some reason today, the forum posting wants to add a period in the word, matur.e)
  2. If OP, camp, is running 32-bit XP (as most people were) and if it is on an older PC with a 32-bit processor, could a 64-bit version of VLC run without issue?
  3. Hi Phlyer, and welcome The Bitdefender forum has a lot of Sub Forums, you just missed the Antivirus Free Edition by a mouse click or two I would suggest to log in on the forum, hit reply to your above post, "copy" your post, and start a new thread pasting your post in that sub forum, you may get some feedback and not have it be your "last post". It's up to you Kind regards, Scott
  4. Hi teleute, Before (if you already haven't uninstalled BD) maybe check this out. It's a bit more than maybe Tech Support wanted to have you do? Check out the preceding and follow up posts as you wish, for maybe some other thoughts or insights: The key described above is found in Local-Machine/Software/Mozilla/Thunderbird/Extensions. It's an older thread, but maybe still applicable, if you wish to muck around the registry. Maybe back it up first, if desired. Scott
  5. Not that I know of, as mainly (also) what it's scanning for is incompatible software that would need to be uninstalled before BD could be installed properly with less problems and glitches. Be sure to use and download using the full offline installer link I previously posted, as I'm sure you did
  6. Hi, Tom Allen This sounds like the need for more than can be done here on the forum, as far as the members here abilities (at least mine) as Tech support here can be very hit and miss at times, almost non existent. I would suggest you use one of the options below, to contact support directly. Phone support number is not a toll free number, and Chat can take 2-3 times to get through. I hope this gets resolved for you,. Phone: Chat: Email: Scott
  7. Hi, StrikeX1 I'll answer your thread here on the 2015 Forum (would be the same answer/Wallet path of Export/Import on the 2014 forum) Unless you had manually Exported up your Wallet database to a back-up HD/USB etc. storage, you'll have to start over. For future reference, after you have your information entered in the various categories, then on the Privacy window/Wallet, select Export Wallet. If you were ever in need of importing your Wallet database (PC crash etc), you would then go to the same panel and select, Create New Wallet, in which you will be given the option to Import your backed up (existing) database (which is encrypted). Sorry you have to go through all that work again, but hopefully this helps for future backup exporting to a couple different locations, just to be sure Scott
  8. Hi, Randy Mark You're right, there isn't an ability to run a scheduled, create a custom Vulnerability scan, since it automatically scans in the background (if it's not turned off in its settings). If it's set On, just check your Events every week or two (a scan cycle) for anything that needs an update. Scott
  9. Hi, WokeDuran Did you try running the uninstall tool in safe mode? If not, try that. Otherwise, if you wanted to, you could try installing Bitdefender again, then uninstall it in Safe Mode using the uninstall tool and see if everything uninstalls. (yet, see my 3rd paragraph, if you get it reinstalled) A little more time and effort, but maybe worth it, is to backdoor uninstall those folders using Ubuntu. If you want to create a ISO disc on a cd, you would need to search and download ~version 10, otherwise, a DVD will hold the newest version. Boot from that disc and find the icon (I forget which one, it's been awhile) for your C:/ Program Files. In the past this has worked great in deleting F-Secure's Quarantine folder. If in your post you meant that you were trying to do a System Restore (restoring windows) next time with BD installed, boot into Safe Mode, enter MSCONFIG and enable Safe Boot, run your System Restore, this way it goes back into Safe Mode to complete the restore. Then you can uncheck that box and enter Windows normally. I'm not sure if that still works like it used to (to do a system restore w/o uninstalling BD) as I don't keep track here like I used to. Hope this helped, Scott
  10. Hello Since Malwarebytes (free version) is "sanctioned" by Bitdefender as a second opinion scanner to run along side of Bitdefender, I would suggest to download it from their webpage, do an update, and run a Threat Scan and see what it comes up with. Also try BD online Quick Scan: Since it is against forum rules to "promote" another AV vendors solution, I will also PM you an online scanner to follow up with. Then run CCleaner in Cleaner mode. Download the full offline installer for BD 2015 IS from here: Download and run the BD uninstaller, just to clean up any temp files it created on the previous install attempt, then restart your PC: Then right click and run as admin, the downloaded BD IS file, if it asks you to check for the latest files for install, deny it for now, as that can be done later with a manual update. If all goes well on the install, do the update (may take a bit of time) restart you PC, then do a System Scan.
  11. That's probably a problem right there It would be great if you were able to upgrade your OS. On my Windows 8 Pro 64bit, here is what was already in my Firewall Rules: By also adding VLC.exe to AV Process Exclusions, will automatically generate it in Firewall Rules. Try seeing if confirming or adding those in helps. Mine had no problem with Firewall/Autopilot disabling etc. As you said, one in a billion...maybe due to XP, BD and VLC not being happy playing together?
  12. Unfortunately, concerning that one James, just seems to be the way it's going to be (FAD: functions as designed)
  13. Hello Try this, open the main BD UI, and at the top the personal settings icon, on the drop down select General Settings -> Advanced -> Configure status alerts -> and un-check the Antispam status option. Any better? Scott
  14. I was looking for that same thread this morning, but was in the wrong sub-forum (Firewall). Nice recall there, ozziebear It seems the period right before the link, broke it:;#entry223797
  15. Good follow up point, daman1, may also be helpful in answering Dante Garcia's question.