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  1. I respectfully disagree! Sometimes, we get much better customer service from the forum compared to the real tech service!!
  2. no it's not just FIREFOX. And why are you talking about Firefox??? I didn't say anything about Firefox I WOULD LIKE A REPLY FROM BITDEFENDER TECH FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. No it's not!!! Paranoid Mode exists to let people choose what can connect to the itnernet and what can't!! It should still follow the Application rules!
  4. Hi, I'm using Paranoid Mode (and don't intend not to use it). When a rule is created, I always edit it in "Application Rules", so that it doesn't ask me again if it can allow the app to connect to the internet (see screenshot attached). But, in most cases, I'm still asked to connect, every single time the app starts! Which is really annoying for obvious reasons. Has anyone else this issue please?
  5. You confirm what I was afraid of! Thanks for replying though! Merry Christmas!
  6. Hi. I keep receiving SPAM messages from user below. He wants to send pictures to me, nothing to do with Bitdefender! Why do you allow this kind of behavior on your forum? This user should be banned as well as his IP address! Thnx SPAMMER: kasso78 Also why can't we send private messages to anyone, moderators or administrators????? All moderators have their inbox full, which means they don't give a ###### about emails they receive, which means they should be fired and replaced by more competent people, and administrators don't accept messages at all Where is the space to speak about issues with this forum????
  7. that's a good thing, thank you very much for your prompt reply, I appreciate.
  8. Since, once again, you've put out an unfinished version of your softwares (2012), there's no way i'll keep that piece of crap. My licence has run out, I was forced to install Total Security 2012, which has screwed my PC up. If I buy a 2012 lience from your website, will it work on a 2011 product? If not, i'll go somewhere else but I want to know... thnx
  9. why are you talking about AutoPilot function??? I'm not using it nor did I mention it anywhere! So, are you saying 2012 verison does not check the registry entries at all???
  10. I just installed BDTS 2012 (I had 2011 before). How the ###### do we turn on the Registry alerts everytime a program wants to write/change a key in the registry? It is certainly not the paranoid mode as I changed a key myself and I had no BD alerts at all! thnx
  11. This can be closed since I posted this 3 WEEKS AGO!!!!!
  12. This is a new thread since my original one was closed prematuraly..! It would be nice to WAIT until the customer says it is solved before marking a thread as solved, don't you think??? Anyway.... I have installed Ts 2012 on one of my PC and I do NOT have "paranoid mode" anywhere"..... where is it??
  13. thanks but do you have an online link to download the manual? I don't have 2012 installed yet. thnx
  14. Hi, Where is the option that allows the firewall to ask each application if it can access to internet or not? It would be the "report" option in 2011. thanks.