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  1. All i wanted to say is from my 5 years bd user experience i thought it might help. Had same download issue and every time i was eager to install the latest bd version. But now after all what i've experienced i came to the conclusion that is not a very good move to uninstall which is a bad idea in general no matter what av is used because pc remains unprotected for a short period of time during the change plus the compatibility issue might occur. I m not denying your opinion but i just wanted to help and come up with alternative solutions. That BD box idea would make a huge difference between a normal bd av installed on pc because will work as av + ips. You could request a change of the product in a your favor. Sorry for any inconvenience i caused to you or other members but that was not my intention. Have a great day and a virus free pc
  2. You think they don't know there are some problems and now because you were so brave to report, everything will be ok? They receive performance reports from every bd pc. That download problem is old as a monk. Maybe you should try BD Box
  3. If you say that the previous version of BD worked fine, why not install that version? Always the newer version has some problems. This is because they try to keep up but not always and for everyone this would work. If you are sys admin like you claim why you are so puzzled about this common situation..
  4. Have you disabled windows defender on your win 10 when installed BD?
  5. ..sorry for double post. I used to have lags and i protect my adapter drivers .sys files with emet. Network adapter drivers are very exposed to attacks. Update network adapter drivers and try emet
  6. Stealth mode off makes you vulnerable to port scans and many more other nasty stuff, so try set your stealth mode on, and generic yes. Since you have a high end cpu could be a compatibility issue. If you use wireless make sure u use strong wi-fi security protocols like wpa2 and a strong password. Make sure your router has a strong password too.
  7. enable home/office mode, switch generic mode active and disable stealth mode from BD firewall. From windows connection and sharing center switch to home/office for that connection only
  8. Desi are oarecum tangenta cu afectiunea mentala paranoia totusi sa numesti o functie a unui antivirus "mod paranoid" este un pic cam mult, poate chiar exagerat Ca sugestie care sper sa fie luata in considerare in viitor de echipa Bitdefender ar fi folosirea expresiei "modul inductiv" fiind mult mai aproape cred de ceea ce reprezinta de fapt. Modul inductiv provenit din inductia matematica unde se presupune ca x are efectul y tot asa cum acceptul sau blocarea unei alerte poate avea efectul scontat sau dimpotriva. Cred ca apropierea tot mai mare a tehnologiei informatiei de asa numita inteligenta artificiala ar justifica schimbarea pe care am adus-o in discutie. Mult succes Bitdefender!
  9. @GiniM Pt un utilizator obisnuit cel mai restrictiv mod (a se intelege cel mai sigur) pt orice firewall este modul Public combinat cu modu stealth si modu generic activat (la toate adaptoarele) si desi probabil ai netu printr-un router wireless sau wired in caz ca el este bypasat modul public te protejeaza blocand orice ping sau acces nedorit venit dinspre blocul privat sau public de adrese. Daca routerul este bypasat (DDoS, flood, syn attack etc) si te prinde cu modul home/office orice pachet venit dinspre blocul public care se erijeaza a fi din blocul privat intra ca in branza prin firewall. Nu ar strica ba din contra sa aveti si un switch inaintea routerului astfel comunicarea dintre switch-ul interior si cel exterior (al isp-ullui) sa nu poata fi tinta tehnicii evasedrop (switchul fiind prevazut sa recunoasca schimbarile aparute pe retea si sa blocheze dispozitivele noi). Un alt dezavantaj de a alege modul Office sau Home este ca te face vulnerabil in caz de MitM attack iar ca masura de precautie trebuie restrictionat traficul udp exceptand cel venit dinspre serverele isp-ului prin portu remote 53, atacul de tip spoofing fiind imposibil prin protocolul TCP. Ca recomandare a mea ar fi sa aveti doar 3-4 porturi remote esentiale la regulile firewall de ex 80/tcp, 8080/tcp, 443/tcp, 53/udp. Se pot bloca adresele din spatiul privat exceptand range-ul prin care comunica calc, cu routeru ceva de genu cat despre adresele malitioase din spatiul public se ocupa cu sarguinciozitate cloud-ul puternic al Bitdefender. Ca o extramasura se poate lasa windows defender activ (care are un sistem in plus fata de BD) care blocheaza pachetele de date ce au in payload exploituri pt care windows nu a apucat sa scoata update-uri.
  10. Nu mai este nevoie pt analizare, deja au intrat toti migratorii care pe unde. M-am convins. Somn usor in continuare
  11. Ar fi foarte bine daca BD ar putea extinde capabilitatea blocarii stringurilor gen parola, adresa,samd pentru BD free sau daca este posibil punerea la dispozitie a acestei functii ca modul separat gratuit sau non gratuit. Functia cred eu este deosebit de utila in blocarea unui anumit continut deranjant de tip spam dar si pentru protejarea datelor personale.
  12. maybe you should switch from automatic mode to manual
  13. Faptul ca iti apare adresa mac a unui dispozitiv nu inseamna ca firewalu BD are si functia de filtrare dupa adrese mac.Daca vrei inspectie la nivel de adresa mac trebuie sa foloseshti un ruter sau un firewall hardware.Dar chiar shi asha tot nu e rezolvata problema pt ca tot potzi sa fi spofuit.O varianta mai buna ar fi sa folosehti VPN care nu e free sau IPsec-ul de la windows care e free.IPsec-ul este o metoda prin care comunicarea intre dispozitive se face extrem de strict printr un protocol kerberosv5 care se asigura ca dispozitivele tale comunica in retea si ca nu e vorba de vreun alt pseudo dispozitiv care sa se erijeze in disp tale.Totusi pt ca nivelu de complexitate este foarte ridicat, consuma foarte multe resurse.
  14. S-ar putea sa fie nevoie sa restartezi calculatoru nu doar programu
  15. To catch an exploit it's enough to click on a bad link (you don't have to be a dumbass to click on a bad link).A new exploit can knock out even the mother of all AV's.An exploit uses holes inside the operating system and can't be stoped because any microsoft signed component is allowed by any AV ...I would advise you to use a strong HIPS solution alongside BD and have a look on IDS logs (Intrusion Detection System) to see if something bad happened before your problem occurred .If you are not on a home network would be better to turn public location on bd firewall and from windows setting too.Change default admin account name and password and use a standard user account for daily use..Last but not least you should consider an IPS solution because this days pc security goes on the prevention strategy and not so much on disinfection.Another issue can be the fact you had kaspersky installed.Making a little fun, BD after kaspersky it's like you drink wine after beer