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  1. Same here. Received an offer to renew early at a discount. Turned auto-renew off and took advantage of the offer. Somewhere between the renewal and downloading the 2015 version the auto renew must have defaulted back to On as I was billed again. Opened a ticket and received several robo responses. Posted here and got nowhere. Opened a dispute with PayPal and that generated a response to which BD claimed they can't refund the money during a dispute as my account is blocked. (Of course had they just refunded or even responded in a timely manner I wouldn't have had to go that route). So now they want me to either close the dispute or let it run it's course (PayPal suggests it takes 10 business days). I'm sticking with the dispute as I have much more faith that they will respond if PayPal is involved. Absolute shame that such a good product has such lousy support.
  2. I recently renewed a 3 license pack for a year. There was a month to go before expiration and now that month is lost as the renewal showed 365 days. I could swear in the past it added any remaining days to the new agreement. Did I do something wrong and is there any way to fix this?
  3. No. I went to uninstall it and noticed there was a repair option. I ran that and then the scans completed. I never did find out what caused this (no new programs added since the previous successful scans) and with this version the PC is essentially unuseable while the scan is running. It takes forever to respond and then ultimately locks up. I doubt I will renew this next year.
  4. Is there anyone to answer this?
  5. I am having the same problem. I could not follow your directions as you only mentioned XP and Windows 7 and I am on Vista Home Premium. Please advise.