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  1. I know that the free version has a module of proactive protection (AVC). Proactive technology, it is not signature-based protection method that takes place, and the free version bitdefender products.
  2. Bypassing Antivirus With Ten Lines of Code or (Yet Again) Why Antivirus is Largely Useless. http://www.attactics.org/2016/03/bypassing-antivirus-with-10-lines-of.html
  3. Aha ha ha! Again Attack of the Clones)) Spammers attack!
  4. How to remove credentials in Central bitdefender. I do not need a product BDTS, but I can not install BDIS.
  5. New products are available here. http://www.bitdefender.com/Downloads/
  6. Can not install the required version of me.
  7. I can not get a reference to a product, an error occurs - "Oops. Something went wrong while sending the email."
  8. In Novosibirsk, already 6.20 pm)
  9. Here in Siberia, already evening)) Well, be patient)
  10. In Russia we say so - "Accuracy - the politeness of kings"
  11. Today September 10th. How to download bitdefender 2016?
  12. Kaspersky Lab, has released a free version of the antivirus - Kaspersky 365 1/4
  13. When the product is released in the release?
  14. And I have popcorn)))
  15. Yes, that the product has updated its program files, you need to return the settings to default.