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  1. Bump. This would seem to be fairly serious...BD did not stop the malware/adware from being installed, and then did not stop the spam tab pages. I then installed Malwarebytes, and it stopped the spam pages and found the suspect files.
  2. With the new 2018 version, there is no longer a 'Trusted' option. Should VPN connections be Home/Office or Public? Also, what should the Stealth option be set to, yes or No?
  3. My PC was infected by malware. Specifically, it affected my Chrome browser...opening spam tabs regardless of what I clicked on. Although I'm still trying to figure out how it got installed, I did get it cleaned out, though not with any help from Bitdefender, and that troubles me. It took a combination of Malwarebytes & AdwCleaner to ID and clean it out. Here's something that's interesting...once I installed Malwarebytes, it immediately ID the spam popup browser sites and stopped them, when all along, BD was allowing those sites to open. I have every possible security-based option enabled in BD, get updates every 3 hours, Chrome is NOT listed as any type of trusted program, etc. How did this malware get past BD, and why wasn't BD stopping the spam sites from opening?
  4. My wifi Extender: TP-Link AC1750 'Ethernet' adapter in the screenshot below, I'm assuming is my wifi extender connection. I do not have any other ethernet connections. An unrelated issue...I included a second screenshot showing my network info. I realized, my VPN TAP adapter does not appear in the list of firewall/adapters.
  5. I have my PC plugged into a wifi extender via ethernet. What should that adapter be set to? I have my Home network adapter set to...Stealth Mode:Off, Generic:On.
  6. As I don't think it does not presently exist, will BD offer a firmware service, whereby we simply flash an app to a compatible router? As I don't think an app presently exists, will BD offer a firmware service, whereby we simply flash an app to a compatible router of our choosing?
  7. Thanks for the product comparison. What about the weak Box specs? Many of my devices have been well beyond 100Mbps for several years. Not to mention, using 5GHz frequency.
  8. I was looking into the Box, but it seems the specs are super weak. Today's network must provide 5GHz + gigabit bandwidth. I'm really liking the specs of the Norton Core. What is a 'Total Security subscription'? Is it simply Total Security suite, or is it completely different? Scott
  9. I seem to be having a similar problem...can't print without BD firewall off, and I have no adapters listed in the Firewall Adapters section. I do NOT have an installed NIC. I am connected to my network via USB-based WIFI adapter. I have added my printer IP to 'Network Exclusions', as 'Trusted/Allowed' and as 'Home/Allowed'. Please see attached screenshots. Total Security 2017 Scott
  10. Pardon, though it doesn't make sense to change a VPN network type to Trusted. The VPN is still Internet-connected to public web sites, etc. Please explain.
  11. My Bitdefender Total Security 2016 interfers with my VPN connection. Through testing and help from my VPN service provider, I've determined BD prevents my VPN from making a connection. With BD off, no problem establishing a connection. I've attempted turning off 'Modules' one-by-one, but I cannot isolate what part of BD is causing this. Any suggestions? Scott
  12. I've been a BD customer for nearly a decade and have some questions regarding your Box system... 1. is the Box a replacement for serving? Must I set the Box to handle all DHCP services? 2. Can I use static IP addresses with Box? 3. How much does the Box slow internet traffic? 4. Would mobile devices be scanned via the Box? If so, my guess then is that all internet traffic would be really reduced? 5. I've read that packaged malware in zip's have been able to slip by the Box and infect network-connected devices...has BD worked to defend against this? This would be a non-browser threat. 6. Can I set port forwarding on the Box so I can continue to serve my Plex server? 7. Any work towards a PC-based admin panel, rather than limited to managing the Box from a mobile app? Scott
  13. I recently upgraded to Windows 10 and did the uninstall/install routine for Bitdefender, per your web instructions. Although things were fine for a few days, all of a sudden, I started having DNS problems. Upon identifying that my issue was a DNS problem, I spent time attempting many different solutions, i.e. flushing cache, attempting to renew DNS. One was to restore a prev version of the system (Windows Repair). After two attempts, I discovered I was not given permissions to certain files/directories. I then spent time trying to figure this out, which included turning off all BD services...that didn't work. My only solution was to completely uninstall BD from my system. I'm now back up and running, though w/o BD services. Has this issue been addressed, or have there been any quick fixes to BD causing the DNS problem? Scott
  14. Thank you.
  15. Occurred again, since my original post.