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  1. Hi Malster, We could not determine a pattern for the creation of those folders and the impact on the machine is none. By looking at the dates when those folders were created, can you tell me if something in specific happened? Thank you!
  2. Hello Arrowrock, We sincerely apologize for the delay in responding to your queries. The situations you reported are currently dealt with by one of our technicians via email and to better understand these issues, the technician also asked for a remote session to provide a quick fix. We will continue this thread via email and we are waiting for your reply on the existing ticket. Have a nice day! Cristian
  3. Hi there, I have contacted you via email to further investigate this situation as we require additional logs from the system. Please reply to the ticket to continue the troubleshooting process. Thank you
  4. Hello Shaun, Support for Exchange 2013 will be introduced soon in our GravityZone products (Cloud/On-premise). The new solution is available for beta testing by registering here: In case you are using the old product suite 3.5, you can migrate to the new portfolio. More information about the migration process will be present on our website right after the product launch. Best regards, Cristian
  5. Hi there, The exclusions present in the product do not apply to contextual scans (right click and scan) but to full system scans or on access detections for example. This information is also present in the user's guide at page 106. Exclusions will NOT apply for contextual scanning. Contextual scanning is a type of on-demand scanning: you right-click the file or folder you want to scan and select Scan with Bitdefender.
  6. Hi there, Although the Endpoint Security product is not listed, the update server will download updates for this product.
  7. Hello, I have raised this as a feature request to our product management team and in case they provide us an ETA, I will update this thread.
  8. Hello Arrowrock and we apologize for the late reply. In your case where you have a network path, we also recommend adding the IP address of the server followed by the normal path to the file. How exactly do you access the file in order for IDS to block it? Is it using the normal share path \\ or from a mapped network drive? I'm asking this because at this moment we don't support mapped network drives exclusions and the location should be accessed using Windows Explorer.
  9. Hi swburgers and welcome to our forum! We apologize for the late reply. The MAC product accepts the following exclusions: -> for folders having a space in between the name: /Users/administrator/test\ folder\ abcd -> for folders not having a space in between the name: /Users/administrator/Downloads ~ is not accepted to apply generic exclusions to all users. To check whether the exclusion functions as intended, you can run a eicar test file:
  10. Hi there, From your management console you can send an update task which will force the endpoints to update. For this procedure, Windows must run in normal mode. As a last resort in case this doesn't function, you can delete in safe mode the contents of this folder: C:\Program Files\Bitdefender\Endpoint\Signatures\AVC
  11. The fix has reached all our update servers. If the update is done via then the fix will apply instantly. In case the update is done via a local update server/relay, then you need to wait max 1 hour or force the update server to download updates by rebooting the server.
  12. Hello Sean, Our team is aware of this situation and has recently launched an update. It will take around 1-2 hours for the update to reach all the servers and we are working to decrease this time as much as possible. Until this update is released, please advise the users in your network not to lock their systems. As a workaround where the system is stuck in a black screen, you need to force reboot the system and wait until the update is released. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have created.
  13. Hello Paul, To further investigate this situation, I have contacted you directly via email and we will continue there.
  14. is the cloud server where all links are checked for malware/phishing and content. Each time you load a website, the link is checked in real time on our server and the page is blocked from loading in case it's infected. filter is part of the Content Control module.
  15. Ralpher, Please provide me more details in what cases could this feature be of help to you.