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  1. Well I just woke up a bit ago and bit defender is also reporting 1 issue "automatic updates is disabld" pressing "fix all issues" comes back failed every time but when I look in security Ic it is not disabled.. I didn't reboot the PC I just saw this error now im using bit defender total security 2011 My guess is some servive which bd is running has been switched off but im not sure Would also like a solution..is anybody else experiencing the same problem ) Thx
  2. Its pathetic This thread has been open for at least what 6 weeks?? and still no solution We all paid a license of at least 12 months and how much time are we actually going to receive with this product 9 months? 6 months? To the admins at bitdefender do you actually think this situation is fair on us the consumers? Do you actually not think oh well there seems to be some problems with our product better sort them out before we charge a price for it Or did you think ahh who cares its only the general public theyll forget all about this given time So eventually when this is sorted out maybe?. What are you going to do to keep us the customers happy? I will say if you dont provide some kind of customer satisfaction you are doubtlessly going to lose customers as this kind of service and to be frank feedback from your public relations section is deplorable We are intitled at the very least to be given regular updates from you at the very lest about what the ongoing situation is. Let me tell you every passing day is giving us the customer more and more reasoon to loose patience and forever but a black mark on the bitdefender name . So think about your actions seriously one very dissatisfied customer (who has already been waiting for a solution approx 8 weeks)
  3. I totally agree with you As well do you people actually read the posts?? All the advice seems to centered around changing some options inside Bdef 2010 control panel. If you read my post properly Ive already said I cant open this control panel so I cant change any settings not withstandling the fact that like the above poster has stated whats the point in having internet security is basically it doesnt work I want answers and I want solutions you do like the complaints?? well u shouldnt release products you expect people to pay good money for if they have unacceptable problems :angry: Failure of satisfaction I shall be looking for a refund/contacting the apprpriate organisations and i advise eveyone else with the same problems to do the same
  4. This is all well and good but we have paid for this product for a license which in most cases expires in 12 months and the product is barely functionioning enough to be used Why wasnt the product bench tested properly or beta tested? Even though the license expires in less than 12 months I bet were not going to get an extension period on this even though we will only be using the product for???? Exactley I angry at how this situation has come about SORT THIS OUT PRONTO money talks. I I dont forget when someone has ripped people off ( I make no exceptions for my terminology ) Do you make exceptions to your poor customers I think not.......
  5. omg didnt realise this was such a big issue and its obvious its all partaining to the 2010 bitdefender only internet security?? I would check the solutions ahem... given in earlier in this post but as well as the blank page problem i cant open the bdef control panel so I cant check/change any configuration critirea from bit defender
  6. I installed bit defender 2010 registered it etc all seems fine but when I look in the start up items menu. right click and choose show bit defender panel wil not show up?? I have a strong feeling this may be connected to service pack 2, with which I seem to be having major problems with after Fixing a windows issue (with the windows disk) the search option which is altered from windows xp x64 to windows xp x64 sp2 is not functioning anymore. I also beleive this is also stopping my net browser from showing pages (they just come up blank) or is this malware trojan etc?? I cannot check this as I cannot access bitdefenders control panel Plz can someone help me with this I can already guess that totally re-installing windows & or reformating the drive will sort all these problems but do I have to take such extreme measures? Any help greatly appreciated thx to anyone in advance )