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  1. Yep.. I've had this before. Mine would scan all the way through and then when I'd try to remove any detected items(nearly always just tracking cookies), nothing would happen! I'd always have the icon with the problem - ' 1 ISSUE IS AFFECTING YOUR MACHINE' - ' NEVER HAD A SYSTEM SCAN ' Huh? "JOKER SOFTWARE"!!!!!!!!!
  2. Just read the posts above mine. I've never had any other security software on my machine, yet this still happens. I do however have Ad-Aware running. Good luck on your quest for answers lads.. You'll need it! Kind regards, Giblets.
  3. To be honest.. I just started reading this thread now(1st page), and then I noticed it started Nov '09! Absolutely nothin' new with this BD/JOKER software. The fact I've only come on here now masks the fact that I've had this issue for about 2 months.. No, wait a minute.. Ever since I bought this excuse for a security package 2 years ago..And upgraded due to rubbish and lies posted by the staff here. I've basically been too depressed to even come onto this forum(again) before tonight. I had hoped a miracle might take place and they'd actually fix it.. Yeah, ok dude.. Sure thing, whatever! Honestly, I'm not even here now looking for answers. I don't even want to complain.. I just keep typing. I've had so many issues with this software, it's quite unreal. This, of all things running on your pc, should be stable BUT.. ITS THE MOST UNSTABLE SOFTWARE I'VE EVER PURCHASED. . . .EVER!!! <---- Even bigger caps woulda been nice there. . . Yeah, I coulda made 'em bigger but.. I just keep typing. Anyway.. I couldn't care less if this problem ever gets sorted because I'm absolutely done with this "JOKER SOFTWARE"!!! I will however just say, that I'm running Win7 64bit. Only so you guys that may cling on to this "JOKER SOFTWARE" may have a chance to get to the bottom of it . . . HA!!! As I've said... I've not read past the 1st page but, it's probable that you've been told BD11(JS11) will solve all your problems. Maybe it will(if it was even said).. I've seen it all here before.. IT WILL NOT - is my opinion. Just for the laugh.. I'm gonna upgrade to 11(free i believe) and see how I get on. Then I'll count down the remaining days I've left with this subscription, and pray that i go into a coma and wake up with zero days remaing, and a renewel notice flashing on my unproteceted machines screen. . . Giblets has never once before been a complainer in his life.. Quite the opposite in fact.. He just no longer cares! Kind regards, Giblets.
  4. I've tried on numerous occasions to use the support tool when this issue has occurred, but it just froze every time.. I left it up to an hour twice! I've since uninstalled and reinstalled this version BD2010 32bit build 13.0.16 - as posted by Davey, thx dude. I'm just updating the virus signatures as Davey suggested(on page 2 of this thread), and i have no problems. It may do 'till this is sorted out. . .
  5. Ok. I did what i did on my main system to one of the other ones in the house, and it did not work this time! Whether the exe i downloaded this time was a later version than a few days ago(not advisable), i dunno, but it did not work. I've since updated this computer to the latest BD update, and will send the error report from this machine when it occurs next.
  6. Alex, thank you for your response. I have since uninstalled/reinstalled and disabled the updates. The other two computers at home are also having similar issues to the ones previously mentioned by others in this thread, such as, no internet after 20 mins etc. All since that latest update.. I also had the greyed out problem + the usb issue! I currently have no time to be messing with things at present, so i will hope you can resolve these issues soon and i will not update until then. I have since renewed for one year in hopes that this will be sorted out as soon as possible. Sincerely, Giblets.
  7. I also have this problem, and it started about a week ago. My connection is fine until i use my download manager(IDM). After about a minute or so of downloading, i get white pages for any websites i try to visit, and no connection at all on the download manger. Only a restart of the system will repair the connection, enabling me to browse again, but all the while being without IDM, which is very annoying. I also lost my connection twice the other night while streaming a game from nfl gamepass, and was forced to reboot twice during a game. Also very annoying, considering my system takes a bit to reboot. I've only 2 days left before i've to renew my subscription, so i'm hoping for a fix pretty soon for this. I've had other issues in the past two years also, that required uninstalls and reinstalls, so this latest issue is really bothering me.