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  1. I think BD should monitor the topics here - after all it is THEIR official support forum!
  2. If the answer from support was the text in your previous post (#60), we have seen that before. It may help for a while, but did not solve anything in my case. I wish you luck.
  3. I am surprised that BD support does not take this more seriously. No recent update in this thread, only posts from people that finally tracked the issue down to BD 2010 - Just like I did after spending the best half of a weekend to hunt a nonexistent virus, router, internet provider, driver or general PC problem driving my whole family crazy. (More than one hour away from facebook is critical). Finally, the following solution worked for me : Pay the bill from your credit card company ($29.95 for BD Antivirus 3PC/1Y) Uninstall BitDefender 2010 Go to Install suggested fix Check your BitDefender account regularly to see the "xxx days left" count down to zero Visit this forum for any updates, or just for the fun of it Give BitDefender another try when the problem has been corrected I really enjoyed my two years with the 2008 version, and believe that the 2010 functionality must be great - when it works.
  4. Correction: This was true some days ago - but now it does not seem to matter. In addition I now get the "grayed out" icon showing that the application has crashed. After a reboot, I can use the internet again until suddenly...
  5. Unchecking the "Scan Yahoo Messenger traffic" seems to correct my problem. (I do not have Yahoo Messenger installed on my PC either).
  6. I have the same problem, and it started sometimes last week. When BitDefender Real-time protection is enabled, most internet addresses will just display a blank page. The site icon and actual address is updated in the address bar, so I have contact with the correct web-site. Secure (https) pages loads normally - but I have been reluctant to enter my banking credentials until I know what is wrong. This happens in IE, Chrome and Firefox. Turning the BitDefender Antivirus OFF corrects the problem, but this is not a desirable solution... Before I installed the 2010 version, I have used the 2008 for two years on the same machine (running 32-bit Vista Ultimate)without any problems. A different PC with Vista Home Premium does not show this behaviour either.