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  1. probably if you use Yahoo messanger and will want to transfer files, BD won't scan this traffic until file will be on PC. yes, I did the same, unchecked yahoo messenger, http traffic and windows messanger, and everything worked. ok, I'll try to uncheck just yahoo traffic and will see result.
  2. AndreiRC, no sense to do this. I already did that - made flushDNS, network diognastic, WinsockxpFix file, also netsh winsock reset, but without result. Problem is BD2010 November product update!!! p.s for testing purposes I again put automatic latest updates, while also uncheck Scan http traffic, Scan Yahoo Messenger traffic and Scan Windows Live Messenger traffic. I can say that now already two/three days my network is working hmm...problem solved of unchecking those checkboxes...who knows! or just luck
  3. read the topic - http://forum.bitdefender.com/index.php?showtopic=16648 a lot of complains there of the same problem, but there is only temporary solution.
  4. What I know where problem comes from - is Bitdefender update (probably of November)! I reinstalled Bitdefender one more time and turned off product update, and already two days everything works with no problems. but is this a solution!!!!
  5. I have doubts that the blank page reason is of Vundo virus. If really this virus would be in PC, then after unistalling Bitdefender, in any case web pages would be still blank, but it was not so, http traffic restored after unistalling BD, everything was ok until again I put BD2010 on my computer. By now Im experimenting PC with not updated Bitdefender (only I'm making signature update not product update), and lets see what will be progress. Now seems ok , web pages still work. Tomorrow I will put product update and then will give you results.
  6. Now I reinstalled one more time BD2010 and switch off automatic update at the beginning (one of previous topic suggest that), so my BD is fresh new without any rubbish updates. I'll check now how will work my BD2010 after that. I suggest Mods to check in recent time maded updates if there is everything correct.
  7. Nikilet, sorry for question but I didnt get what is UAC?
  8. I even disabled Firewall and Antivirus protection, also Privacy control, but without result maybe something should change in Bitdefender system files, i don't know.
  9. Alex, no, the same problem I did like you say, add two exclusions in Active control virus setting for both my web browsers- Opera and also Explorer, and again web pages became blank in one moment. Are there any other ideas? p.s I also start to think about oldest version or other AV if problem won't solve, I'm tired of this, and actually this began from latest updates, so bokbokchui you are right.
  10. Can anyone help with this? Before I used BD 2008 and was no problems with it, last month I installed new BD2010 and appeared this problem with web browsers.
  11. I dont know if it's realeted to this problem but in Event viewer I often have such warnings and errors: 1. error - "The following boot-start or system-start driver(s) failed to load: bdpredir", appears every time when start PC. 2. warning - "NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller : Timed out during an operation", appears often and every time. But I think there is something wrong with Bitdefender, some wrong FW settings or something, or maybe Bitdefender 2010 has bug or error.
  12. I have the same problem. I just wanted to add new topic about blank web browser pages and see that someone already did this . I have the same situation and I checked that its bitdefender fault. When all my web browsers went blank, I unistalled bitdefender and guess what - internet appeared, so I found who is guilty. Interesting is that all my radio streamings, donwloadings didn't stop, I checked also connection with my provider by pinging, checked windows network diognastic and all was "passed", so with Network is ok. Only someone is blocking net in web browsers, I thought maybe its Opera fault, tried with explorer, but the same - all pages were blank, didnt want to load information and it happens periodically in 20 -30 minutes after PC restart. So I hope that some BD expert will help us to find solution, what bitdefender dont like in web browsers.