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  1. As for my self, I have 3 licences for another 524 days. Last time when I spent several hours figuring out what is wrong with my computer, only to discover that bitdefender is causing the errors, I have also tried to ask for refund. Official response was: If they can fix it, they don't give you your money back. So this time I am removing BD from one of my computers (one that I turn on, on weekends). They do major screw ups on weekends over at BD. And I am waiting for 524 days to pass and then goodbye
  2. To all weekend beta testers, who survived this update - congratulation! Bitdefender is that all you got? Common. I know you have something stronger for us, I am preparing for the next weekend. I have everything ready.. system restore is in place, boot cd's, dual boot... you name it. Now I can go out and get drunk. ###### yeah. Up the irons!
  3. AGAIN!!! I am afraid to turn my computer on weekends. This is too much. That's it! Every few weeks some kind of sh*t happens with BD. :angry::angry::angry::angry: Goodbye bitdefender!
  4. I have just uninstalled BT2010. I will try tomorrow again.
  5. Disabling antivirus module and active virus control (both disabling and excluding browsers) didn't helped me.
  6. Yes, I am already feeling so much better See you after restart
  7. Same problem here. No http traffic. Vista 64bit SP2, BT2010 IS. That's second time in the last few months that I lose several hours trying to understand what's going on with my computer, and just to find out that bitdefender is causing problems. I am getting annoyed and frustrated. And I bought 3 PC 3 years licence... what a mistake.