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  1. Hello Ralph Hanahan, In order to further investigate this situation please provided us the following informations : 1. The MSI logs obtained after you try to install the product following the steps available here . 2. A sysdump report obtained following the steps available here . 3. A support tool report obtained following the steps available here . Archive all these reports, upload them to : then post here the download link. Thanks, Alex
  2. Hello rgcowie4D, We are sorry to hear about the issues that you encountered with our product. For the issue regarding the computers that are being moved to unmanaged we have a solution, but we cannot post it here and we would like to look on some reports from that server before sending it. That is why I have created you an email ticket so that we can communicate directly. Thanks, Alex
  3. Hello simeonteo, On the server where you have installed BitDefender Management Server browse to the next location : C:\Program Files\BitDefender\BitDefender Management Server\BitDefender Deployment Tool\Packages\5BB948B6-46D8-474e-A395-C732A4017943 Here you will find the uninstall tool . Unfortunately it will uninstall the agent as well as the client. Thanks, Alex
  4. Hello caves, In order to update BitDefender Business Client offline, follow the steps described here : . Thanks, Alex Stanciu
  5. Hello tazcomputers, Please try to add the IP of that device as a trusted IP. In order to do this, try the following : 1. Open BitDefender Business Client as a power user(go to registry editor, browse here HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\BitDefender and change the value of CLMode from 1 to 0 ). 2. Click on the Firewall module and click on the Zones tab. 3. Add the IP of that device as Trusted. Let us know if the same issue occurs. Thanks, Alex Stanciu
  6. Hello Renato, I have sent you a PM with a tool that will reset your license key counter. This situation was determined by the fact that the first entries that were created under Managed Computers after you made your first deployment, were not removed from the console after you made your second deployment session. Next time you plan to reinstall BBC through deployment, make sure to remove the target computer first from the Managed Computers list(right click on it and choose "Delete") . Thanks, Alex Stanciu
  7. Hello phchrono, Open the BitDefender Management Console, right click on the Update Scheduled policy that you have set and select "Edit Settings". Expand Advanced Settings and check the option "Enable automatic update" . After that click on Finnish. Thank you.
  8. Hello umiwangu, Indeed, for the Backup module you cannot set a policy for all your stations . However, BitDefender Management Server has a policy for User Control. Simply open the BitDefender Management Console, click on "Create new policy", select the "User Control policy", change the settings as you wish then assign it to all of your stations. Thank you.
  9. Hello ngokl, Thanks for the observation. Since this situation is solved, I will close this topic for the moment. Thank you.
  10. Hello ngokl, Unfortunately, you cannot scan a folder which was added in the Global Exception list . If possible, please let us know the name of the application which interferes with BitDefender . Thank you, Alex Stanciu
  11. Hello James Gardner, In order to investigate this situation, please follow the steps from the next article :, upload the resulting report on, then send me a PM with the download link. Also, please provide us some screen-shot before and after the Security tab disappears . Thank you.
  12. Hello noleo, If this option is selected, all the applications will be allowed to connect to the internet without the firewall prompting the user if he wants to allow or deny that application. However, when you apply a Firewall policy, you can still block other applications, even if this option is enabled. Thank you.
  13. Hello BPS MGMT, We have sent you a PM with the uninstall tool . Thank you.
  14. Hello unix4power, If BitDefender Security for File Servers still show up as unregistered please try to assign them a policy from the Management Server. If they still show up as disintegrated from the management server and unregistered, try the steps bellow and let us know how it worked : 1. Open look after the process "bdlserv.exe" and stop it (right click and choose End Process). 2. After you stopped this process, open the Services window and restart the service called BitDefender Settings Service . 3. Wait a few moment and look if the same issue occurred. Thank you.
  15. Hello mtgben and moneypenny, We have sent you a PM with the procedure that will help you reset the counter. In case there are users with a similar request, please refer to the next topic : Thank you.