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  1. Yeah...I've heard something... THX Scott
  2. OBVIOUSLY I didn't mean your home page. I meant your house.
  3. It's not your home here. Kisses!
  4. That's true and THX. My question is: Is there such a stupid user who cannot find "Exclusions" while tries an AV?
  5. ...doing their job undisturbed, if they are infected...
  6. ...It depends on the question...
  7. Be very careful about auto renewal. Don't be so sure...
  8. Hello , This is a very old (dirty) commercial "game" provided by BD company. After a fast & quick search, this is the oldest and this is the latest post I've found for this mess. After hundreds or thousands complaints and promises for fixing, nothing has changed. They usually say that it's for helping clients to migrate to their new products. This is a big lie cause they ask for extra money to upgrade, although upgrade is free for the same type of product (AV+, IS, TS), misleading clients. IMO, the best way to avoid all this mess and other unacceptable practices, is under this page. Regards!
  9. Hello Scott, I have no static IP, thus IP banning is impossible. My account was suspended because I replied to a user's "joke" with a (deleted) joke story, not related to BD issue but surely related to user's spirit about BD issue. I was out of topic, suspended for 8 days and trying to overcome my...depression, I came to Ikaria island, where people live over 100 years (true). Now, in topic. Above issue (ghost traffic) is still remaining and they're never going to fix it. Why? Ask them... Greetings from Ikaria
  10. Hello, They told nothing because issue is still remaining on "New" BD and they'll never fix it. Regards!
  11. Hello ozziebear, Actually, I'm crying tears of deep sadness, being in a paradisaical Greek island (Ikaria-Aegean Sea), because Christian suspended my account for 8 days (it's the 2nd time) again because of the lack of humor (I don't know if this is personal or Romanian issue). Thus, I had to do something with my depression... Will, as a very clever and connoisseur user, would face this company with the proper way, sooner or later. BTW, "ghost traffic" issue remains on new BD just because new BD is the old BD with a new name...aand...Ooh my wallet...Who took my wallet? Is it the Photon momentum? My Best!!!
  12. Hello tenbyboy, If your above statement is true and if you really want to be reliable, a little search on this forum will be very enlightening for you and your readers, about the quality of BD company/products and of course about the fine quality (see, absolute lack) of support. Regards!
  13. Hello Will Wood, I use free CIS (AV/FW) for more than 2 months (since I uninstalled BD) and I can assure you (although I'm almost sure you know) that not only has not such an issue BUT it also can teach(show) to anyone how a PC works with its connections/permissions for any software, AV protection etc. leading a user to have more knowledge about what happens on his own PC (even better as BD did before 2012 release). I know, you mean BD AV with Comodo FW together but BD staff (and some users' experience) say that it is not recommended. Sooner or later malfunctions are going to be appeared because of driver conflicts. Sincerely yours
  14. @ Will Wood You MUST understand that we are not all gurus like you and we don't want it too. Anyway, your infos are very important and valuable. I(we) appreciate this. It's at least crazy for a user to follow your suggestions in case he wants to be protected by BD or any other crap. BUT, when someone (simple user) gives his money for a s h i t like BD, he demands for it to work at least satisfactory without having to be a guru on PCs or else, demands for a serious and immediate support (as you've mentioned too). That's why he gives his money. And, believe me, I(we) can live with this issue and we've found some ways to face it. What is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE and underestimates our intelligence is BD staff's behavior (not only for this but for most issues/bugs). They MUST understand that we are not idiots. And what's the best way for this to be done? I've already given my answer. What's yours...???(rhetorical question) My Best!
  15. @ Will Wood Your sense of humor is unbelievable... @ BD users (not the "nuclear" ones). There are three very very simple ways (one at a time) to solve the "ghost traffic" BD issue. 1. Download and use TCPView by Sysinternals to manually close "FIN_WAIT2" connections. or 2. Install, clean and fine working Joshy's solution which automatically eliminates the issue. or (the best) 3. Uninstall BitDefender and then install a serious AV/FW solution, for free if you like, discovering that there is no need to spend even a cent for those kind of apps. PS: Once again, DO NOT TRUST comparison tests. Regards!