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  1. I followed the instructions but the file is not restored. The file is still with strange extension. say, xxx.exe.54745.gzquar I don't think the file is a virus but I would like to restore it and move it out of the system myself. How can I do that? Bok
  2. I'm also one of the victims of this. I use BD Internet Securit 2010 and it happens after the major update on Nov-1. The Nov-1 update is origianlly good to me, as it solves "USB device cannot stopped issue" issue when trying to remove USB disk even if there are not files open or in use in the USB drive. However, the blank page problem makes me angry - I had to reboot the PC in order to fix - But it will happen again after some short time, esp. if you are using BT... Now, I fall back to Internet Security 2009 and it works so far so good. May be I will check this forum if issues have been solved before installing 2010 again.
  3. I have run one on-demand scan completely. The second one is a weekly scheduled scan which is interrupted by a reboot. So totally I have scanned 2 times. For 10 hrs. scanning, I have several drives: C: (80GB) - OS, APPS, My Documents... (50% full) D: (640GB) - Data, Downloads, ISO, Photos (60% full) E: (200GB) - Backup of C: and My Documents and selected data in D: My Deep System scan includes all the drives. I found much time was spent on scanning the ISO. I will try more scan to see if it's smart. BTW, would you please elaborate more on what security risk of this feature?
  4. While I was evaluating Bidefender Internet Security 2009, I found that on-demand or scheduled virus scanning does not contiue after reboot. For example, if I need to reboot the computer during on-demand virus scanning, after reboot, I can't find any ways to continue virus scanning at the point of last scan, even if I pause of stop the scan before reboot. Since scanning my compiuter take more than 10 hours, I don't want to start my scan from the beginnig again. Are there any ways of continuing a virus scan at the point before reboot? Thanks, Bok