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  1. I suggest you to clear the browser cache.
  2. Policies are per system as far as I know. You can apply a policy to a specific system. It will be only one policy asigned. The last one will take place over the inherited one. There is also a new module called Assignment Rules. I did not use it yet.
  3. You've typed only Opera. It needs to be opera.exe. For WinRaR the WinRaR.exe must work. You can create a custom group, add the computers with the nasty users, then apply the policy to the selected group.
  4. There is an entire module called Content Control for problems like yours. From the specified policy go to Content Control -> Applications -> Application Blacklisting. You can add the path to the Opera browser or only the executable name. You can test on your computer that the policy is working.
  5. Firstly I suggest you to verify on a specific system if the modules are really disabled. Secondly send an email to support to investigate the problem. In my environment I have not seen this problem.
  6. VirtMem Region Dump 0x2430000 + 50e000 -> the trojan was detected in the memory. A computer restart may solve the problem.
  7. Bitdefender scan can not desinfect the pst file, as the repacking algorithm is Microsoft proprietary. Bitdefender will detect and report the viruses from a pst file. At the end of the scan you can choose to delete the pst file. My guess is that you did not took actions at the end of the scan. Maybe you deleted the pst file after the second scan task detected for the second time the virus inside the pst file. I recommend you to reboot the computer and run a full scan again.
  8. Yes you can. As far as I remember from Computers and Groups you must go to Tasks -> Install, then type the ip address.
  9. Weird. For me it's working. No EPSecurityService.exe is present in Process Monitor. You can try to reapply de policy. Maybe there was some errors when applying it.
  10. You can send a feature request to the support team. To be honest I don't think it will be implemented. The oldest product versions, the ones from few years ago had a separate windows for an on demand scan. Now everything is incorporated into one GUI. You can tell your users to keep the GUI open. They can see the progress there. When I ran an on demand scan, the weekly one I'm using the local GUI, as it's not needed to log on to GZ. In the GUI I can see it's progress, pause it, and so on.
  11. Hybrid scan - a cloud for the other part of the signatures, the one less important, the one not present locally. I'm not talking about the GravityZone cloud.
  12. Or, it would like you to run it every 7 days but it is NOT - this is an advice from Bitdefender, to run the Full Scan every 7 days. The Full Scan will not run automatically every 7 days. You, as a network administrator must start the Full Scan by using Scan Tasks or Policy Settings from GravityZone or by starting it from the local GUI. You can modify this interval in the policy assigned to the client Policy -> [Policy Name] -> Notifications -> Show Modular Settings -> Antimalware -> Show after (days).
  13. Local Scan - the Bitdefender scanning engines (on access and on demand) will use local signatures. The process workload will be the same as a standalone installation, no optimization for virtual environments. Hybrid Scan - The Bitdefender engines will use a low footprint signature model, only some important engines will be present locally, the other will be in the cloud. Central Scan - the scan is doing by sending data to the deployed SVA system. The signatures are present only on the SVA. This is the best optimization for virtual environments. The fallback - when the first scanning mode is down the fallback one will took place.
  14. The Antimalware On-Access module is scanning in real time all the files accessed by the users, according to On-Access settings from the policy. The default policy required that you run an On-Demand Full Scan every 7 days. That's the reason for the Console warning about no scan has been performed.
  15. Weird. Send the issue to the customer care.