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  1. The problem was Spybot. Although I followed their instructions (twice), the problem remained. I uninstalled Spybot, the problem is gone and I might reinstall same in another six months. Thanks, Mark
  2. I won't get an answer because I posted in the incorrect section? I won't get an answer because the forum is inactive? or, I won't get an answer because my problem/question could reflect negatively on the company? Mark
  3. Windows 10, Lenovo P50 I didn't buy the software. I didn't knowingly download the software and I certainly didn't install the software. Bitdefender does not appear in Programs/Uninstall. It does does appear in the active programs list. A Search Everything search only yields one instance of BitDefender Threat Scanner.dmp. Yet every time on restart I see the same error--something to the effect: A problem occurred Bitdefender Threat.... and a file path ending with the .dmp file appears on screen. I downloaded the 2017 Bitdefender uninstaller. It ran to completion but still the error persists. How do I get rid of this? Mark