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  1. So huh quick question. How will I know if the link I sent is some kind of false positive or the real thing? Because I don't know if I should format my hard drive or something, depending on what you guys find.
  2. Hi Danielst! I just sent the URL to you guys. Thanks.
  3. Hello there. Yesterday while on my computer and browsing YouTube and Soundcloud, a notification from BitDefender appeared in the lower-right corner of my screen, informing me that a web threat was blocked. Apparently the culprit is the link displayed on the screenshot I attached. Naturally I searched around and there are some threads on the Internet talking about it. Some say it is a virus, others say it is an issue pertaining to cookies. The notification appeared just once, I've ran multiple scans ever since but nothing has been found as yet. And what's more, I haven't downloaded anything recently, just joined a Discord server an hour or two before I received the notification (and which I decided to leave right after that). I can't seem to find a way to retrieve logs/reports from the version I'm using (Bitdefender Antivirus Free, so the only thing I know of is this .html stuff. Thanks a lot in advance!