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  1. Is the email contains some login credentials like your username and password? If yes try to access this website You can also double check this post for more information. Double check if the email is on spam or any other folders. But much better if you have some other issues , much better if you contact them through chat support. Cheers
  2. Well Honestly it is not safe to use a third party software to fully uninstall the Bitdefender the thing is that some of the Bitdefender files will be retained on the system itself but by the way you mention that you are using the windows 10 creator update? Did you also try to uninstall the Bitdefender using the uninstaller tool? After that try to run in cmd: sfc/scannow then let me know if you have any other third party security applications besides Bitdefender Cheers.
  3. Hi! This topic will might help Based from my understanding the resolution is they tried to install the ant-theft separately on the computer and somehow it works fine.
  4. I see, so basically the two software are running in each other so it is not good, how about try to remove the old version, even though the old version is disabled or much better if you uninstall the two extension at the same then add the latest extension.
  5. The thing is that when you purchase a renewal license key, the new subscription days are added to your current subscription. If you purchase a new Bitdefender license key, your subscription will start only when you enter your license key and activate your Bitdefender product, which means the subscription from your previous Bitdefender product may not carried over. Much better if you wait until the 56 days has past and activate the subscription. But I think it is possible if you merge the two licenses. feel free to contact their support then for more information. Cheers.
  6. Please double check this link it might help you. Also please refer to the screenshot below about the list of trusted files. let me know if there is some other issues By the way there is a possibility that .asc is not recognized, lets wait for their reply then. Cheers.
  7. got the same issue here. I hope they must add it on the feature request soon.
  8. It might be an open issue please double link the googleplay site it is really helpful: Is the devices that has some issues is showing up on your phone, please look for the attachment below. For mobile support please contact them using this email address Cheers. unnamed.webp
  9. This link will be really helpful regarding about this concern. then after that try remove the check-mark on the "let auto-pilot manage my profile" after that please provide me the screenshots about the configuration settings of your gaming profile. Let me know if its fix. Thanks.
  10. Hi Arrie, Please perform clean installation first. Uninstall the product using the uninstall tool. After this, go to central to download and reinstall product to get the latest version. Cheers!
  11. Hi, Please perform clean installation first. Uninstall the product using the uninstall tool. After this, go to central to download and reinstall product to get the latest version. Cheers!
  12. Hi, The update processes that I know are auto update and manual update. I am not aware of update process using the command line. As for reference, refer to this link: Cheers!
  13. Hi SunilDcosta, Do you have any installed av on your machine aside from BD? If you have, I would suggest removing it. If the problem still persists, try uninstalling it using the uninstall tool : and go to central to reinstall the product. Cheers!
  14. Hi, I actually did not have any problem in the installation of the product. For your reference, please check these links for the proper installation: Cheers!
  15. Hi Toltec, Since when did this issue happened? I currently do not have any issues on the updates on this product. Actually there are some factors that affects on the update speed. One is the quality of the internet the machine gets. Basically, this is the main means of connection for the updates. The other is the condition of the machine itself. There might some minor problems on the machine which caused the issue. Lastly, the servers of the product which is the source of the update. If there are some maintenance or issues, this will definitely affect the update speed. Hope this helps to narrow down the causes of this issues. Cheers!