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  1. This seems like the chicken and the egg. I have an EXE file that is being flagged by BT with the following message Now, since I created this file, I'm 99.9999% certain this is incorrect. Not only that, but once BT flags it as so, every time I try to recreate it, I get an error from the s/w trying to generate the EXE (obviously based on BT kicking in). Note that OTHER similarly generated exe files can be created with no problems on the same drive/folder. So I thought I'd upload the failing EXE and explanatory file as a false positive, so you guys could look at it. I try and upload it, but then I get the error in the title (and this file does NOT contain any pictures or similar). I won't drag the offending file to this topic since who knows what BT might do with it. Suggestions ?