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  1. Ahoi! Ich denke du suchst den Paranoia Modus (Central - Einstellungen - Allgemein - Paranoiamodus).
  2. Der eingestellte Netzwerktyp gilt nur für den jeweiligen Adapter (zumindest kann ich für jeden Adapter in der Liste einen einstellen). Wenn man die Netzwerkausnahmen für jeden Adapter individuell einstellen kann, wie? In der GUI sieht es so aus, als würden die für alle gelten. Jetzt wo ich mir die GUI nochmal angeschaut habe, verstehe ich die Verwirrung. Ich halte insgesamt die Benamsung im Firewall GUI für Verbesserungwürdig. "Adapter" wird nicht eindeutig verwendet: Unter Firewall - Adapter - Adapter, bezieht sich Adapter auf Netzwerkverbindung auf Netzwerkadapter/-karte bzw Netzwerk (LAN, WLAN...). Unter Firewall - Adapter - Netzwerkausnahmen - Adapter, bezieht sich Adapter auf das was in der vorigen Liste als Netzwerktyp bezeichnet wurde (diese Verwendung ist nicht nur verwirrend sondern auch falsch). Soll ich hierzu ein Support Ticket öffnen? Wenn ich beim (Netzwerk-)Adapter unter Netzwerktyp Heim/Büro einstelle (also das Netzwerk als vertrauenswürdig einstufe), sollten Services wie Drucker und Netzlaufwerke auch ohne Ausnahmen funktionieren. Soll ich hierzu ein Support Ticket öffnen?
  3. Der englische Thread ist jetzt als gelöst markiert. Meiner Meinung nach ist das Problem nicht hundertprozentig beseitigt, aber die Adapter sind wieder da. Ich hab in zwei längeren Posts einen Workaround und weiter bestehende Probleme beschrieben. Um zu überprüfen ob ihr das Update schon habt, müsst ihr schauen welche Version von C:\Program Files\Common Files\Bitdefender\Bitdefender Firewall\ignis.sys ihr habt. Sollte nach dem Update v. sein. Fragt mich nicht warum man keine neue Build Nummer genommen hat. Bei mir hat es eine weile gedauert (2 Updates, min 10 Neustarts und 2 Stunden Laufzeit) bis es sich einigermassen eingerenkt hatte. Eine Frage: Ist es wirklich üblich (jetzt mal nicht nur Bitdefender) Netzwerkausnahmen für Netzwerkresourcen (Drucker, NAS ...) zu setzen. Sollte es nicht ausreichen den Netzwerktyp auf ein vertrauenswürdiges Netzwerk zu setzen?
  4. Well, give it more time - And a couple of restarts maybee! (After all i ran only two updates, five reboots and waited about an hour.) After some more runtime, some reboots with some errors on desktop startup, it (kinda) works. With more time, it is now called LAN 2. Since it is now called LAN 2, i actually can change the settings on the adapters. I actually found the answer in another thread: Sorin G.: "Generic is the option that allows the product to remember the above settings on this adapter, otherwise on the next reboot it will take the Network type chosen by the user when he first connected on that network (Windows Network prompt)" For my wireless adapter this works, for my VPN (called LAN 2) it does not work! (see pictures of Windows Network Settings and the Bitdefender Firewall Settings Generic Off) Since i can change the settings on the adapter, lets give it a try. So first Generic to On so the changes will be persistent. And Networktype to Home. (see pictures of Bitdefender Firewall Settings Generic On) - Connecting to my SMB Network Drive ... not working! In my opinion, setting the network type to a trusted network should already do the trick. But i can alter the settings further. So a network excpetion for my NAS. We need an IP Adress, i got it from a working setup (other security suite). How you can get yours? - Router Settings or Take down the Firewall until you figure it out (ping). Be aware this is only a workaround, the ip might not permanent. If you have control over the router / dhcp settings you can make the ip permanent. My network drives are not managed by me, so the server might change its ip. - Connecting to my SMB Network Drive ... working! (see pictures of Bitdefender network exceptions) I have found a workaround, but still two errors. Errors: 1. My VPN is called LAN 2 in Bitdefender (I can live with that), but it does not use the settings from the windows network (generic off). While testing i didnt change networks, but even if i do, i think the VPN will remain LAN 2, so maybee its not a big issue. 2. When i set the network type to trusted or home for the VPN adapter, i should be able to connect to SMB network drives (and other network resources). Setting an exception for a dedicated ip is only a workaround. Another suggestion: If you solved an issue and have a update - tell the people how to test the solution. No matter how simple you think it is. If you tell me there is an update that fixes the solution, i expect that i update (i got the restart request) and it works. If Bitdefender needs an hour working in the background of my computer (and two updates and a couple of reboots) then tell me before i waste my time (even more of it).
  5. Give it a little time - But dont get your hopes up Short version: After two updates and several restarts the network adapters and the settings are persistent (ignis.sys v However i still have two errors (maybee connected) , four questions and a suggestion (actually more, but lets start with these) Errors: 1. If i try to change the settings on the teredo adapter (Seems to be my VPN, i use Cisco AnyConnect V i get a communication error (German-GUI: Firewall-Fehler Kommunikation mit dem Bitdefender Sicherheitsdienst fehlgeschlagen!) 2. I still cant connect to my network drive if i set the VPN adapter settings to home (The GUI shows the correct settings, but maybee they are not set, see ERROR 1) Questions: 1. Why is my VPN named Teredo and not Cisco? 2. What does the generic flag (German-GUI: Generisch) actually do? Does this actually mean Bitdefender does not know to which WLAN i am connected? 3. Do you consider this issue solved? Will you try to solve the above mentioned errors and questions here, under my existing ticket (2017030912120006) or should i create a new one? 4. Why would you release an update with the same build number? Suggestion: This issue already cost a lot of time from a lot of people (including you). Handling this problem in the open might have been better for all of us. For example a post on the Bitdefender 2017 product site or FAQ with detailed description of the problem and reassurance that you are working on it as fast as you can (and the windows firewall temporary fix). Also i am sure you needed some reports to fix the problem, one might feel that you were stalling with the whole back and forth communication and upgrade this and that, when you already knew you had the problem. Long version: I am waiting to see this issue fixed - so i tried the update immediately. Bitdefender asked me to restart - I did the reboot - Gave Bitdefender a couple of minutes (10 min) - Checked the firewall settings - No adapters Manually told Bitdefender to search for updates - Bitdefender told me it was up to date - Did a shutdown of the machine anyways - Switched back on - Gave Bitdefender a couple of minutes (10 min) - Checked the firewall settings - No adapters While writing this comment, Bitdefender asked me to restart again - I did - Gave Bitdefender a couple of minutes (10 min) - Checked the firewall settings - Hey my WIFI is showing up So i went on to check my initial problem - Connecting a network drive via VPN (3rd post in this thread) - My VPN didnt show up - I connected the VPN - Hey my VPN is showing up (Also its named Teredo and not Cisco) - It is configured as public, so lets set it to home - I get a Firewall Error (Communucation with Bitdefender Security Service connection error (My GUI is German, so something like that)) - But hey i can connect my network drive YAY! So lets see if the settings persist - Another reboot - Wifi connected, VPN connected - Cant connect to network drive - Open Firewall Settings - WLAN set to public, strange! I set it to home - Teredo set to home, so why cant i connect to my network drive - Setting Teredo to Trusted, Stealth Off, Generic on - No network drive - Setting WLAN to Home, Stealth off, Generic on Another reboot - Wifi connected, VPN connected - Check Bitdefender options, Hey they are the same! (I think its the generic option) - Network drive? Not working! (without firewall yes) and from my point of view it should with the firewall on. - Change settings on Teredo? Still getting a communication error! And why would you release an update with the same build number? You dont have to be a fortune teller, to see that it will cause problems and confusion, like it already did. Setup: Windows 7 SP 1 (all updates from Microsoft) Bitdefender Internet Security 2017 - Build - ignis.sys v Cisco AnyConnect V SMB Network Drive
  6. Ahoi! Normally you would set your network connection to a trusted network type in the firewall network adapter settings. This should do the trick, maybee you will have to set an exception for the scanner on the network adapter. This SHOULD be the solution, but because of a currently not fixed BUG discussed here: you cant. There are some workarounds, that dont really fix the problem or advise you to disable the Bitdefender Firewall, but no solution yet. Currently a lot of people are waiting on a release which fixes the BUG. Bitdefender seems to be working on it, but details on the issue by Bitdefender are rare and communication is slow (a lot of unhappy people in the thread).
  7. Hi Sorin, done. Two days ago i also submitted a report directly from the bitdefender app. Now i have send the generated zip file to bitsy@bitdefender.com.
  8. Updated and rebooted twice but the network adapter list in the firewall settings is still empty (Bitdefender Internet Security 2017 Build I had a look at my firewall settings in %PROGRAMFILES%\Bitdefender\Bitdefender 2017\settings\firewall - ig_profiles.xml - Has almost 1000 lines, which are almost 100 profiles. The machine is rather new and was connected to one LAN, two WLAN, one VPN, no Bluetooth... - ig_zones.xml - Basically empty
  9. Same problem here! Also Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1 x64 and Bitdefender Internet Security 2017. Connections to network drives (SMB) are blocked by the Bitdefender Firewall. If the Firewall is turned off, it works. The machine is connected via VPN (Cisco Any Connect). I wanted to check the Network Type for the Adapters in the Firewall Settings and set them to Home/Office to fix the issue. But i have the same issue as MHCadmin, at least if i understood correctly. In the Bitdefender Firewall Settings the list of Network Adapters is EMPTY. There should be a Wireless Connection, there should be the VPN Adapter, but nonthing at all. Windows Network Settings shows them, Bitdefender doesnt. This seems to be a Bitdefender Issue!