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  1. Hello, New here. Before I start, I can't help but ask: why is the group name stuck on v3.x? Current version is v7.141118. But this is the only group for this product, so posting here. I noticed a few things that the GUI and command line disagree on. Hoping to get them clarified here. 1) Updating. 1a) Opening the GUI and updating (as well as everything else) does not require root. Standard user can do everything. But "bdscan --update" requires sudo. Why? 1b) When updating through the GUI, the last update time and date is shown. But when updating through the command-line, that is not reflected in the GUI. The GUI will still show the last update that was done through the GUI. Please fix. 2) In the Setting in the GUI, the maximum level parameter for entering archives accepts a maximum value of 999. But the command line parameter --archive-level accepts a maximum of 260. Which is correct? Are they both correct and the GUI can do 999 and the command-line will do 260? If they do contradict, it seems more likely that the command-line's 260 is the true limit. If so, what does the GUI do when the value is set to >260? Does it do up to 260? Does it consider it a wrong value and ignores it? There are some more, but don't remember now. Will add them if/when I remember r encounter them again. Thanks for any help/input, Ben