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  1. Hello, Please contact our support team via with the logs from the Bitdefender Support Tool.
  2. Hello, While my colleagues investigate the issue please follow the steps in the article below
  3. Hello, Glad to hear that everything is in order.
  4. Hello, Please contact our support team via with the logs from the Bitdefender Support Tool.
  5. Salutare, Produsul nu este compatibil cu Comodo Firewall. Produsul lor are si ceva filtre pe langa firewall. Pentru a instala produsul trebuie scos Comodo.
  6. Hello, That error code is related to your internet connection. Please ensure that you are properly connected to the internet, if you are using Wi-Fi try a cable connection. If you are using a proxy, please ensure that it doesn't have restrictions.
  7. Hello, We are currently investigating the matter. Will update the thread when I have more information.
  8. Hello, The FileVault driver activates only when mounting a Vault through the product.
  9. Hello, Please let me know if the issue still persists with the latest build
  10. Hello, The Bitdefender processes are protect and cannot be turned off by the user let alone be deleted manually. This would impact the functionality of the product as such its strongly not advisable to tamper with it.
  11. Hello, Due to security reasons there is no option to change the password.
  12. Hello, There is no need to reinstall Firefox. Ensure you reboot the machine after updating the product.
  13. Hello, Disabling the modules is the way to disable Bitdefender. There is a feature request to add a button to facilitate this. Also ensure you disable the AMSI from Settings as well and reboot the machine for it to take effect.
  14. Hello, Please let me know what build of Windows are you running on that machine when encountering this issue.
  15. Hello, Can you please also confirm that you are using the latest build of Bitdefender and that the issue still persists. Please note that the update requires a reboot to take effect.