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  1. Hello, You can run a simply CHKDSK. - Go to My Computer - Right click on your drive and select Properties - Go to the tab Tools - Click on Error Scan and then click start. Note : You may be asked to reboot the machine if the drive is in use.
  2. Hello, Please run a CHKDSK and then try to scan the machine again.
  3. Hello, We are currently investigating this issue. I kindly ask you that you contact our support team at with the logs from the Bitdefender Support Tool attached to further analyze.
  4. Hello, Please let me know if the .exe is digitally signed.
  5. Hello, Looking at the folder you are currently scanning the file inside is most likely a iso that is a container. The percentage will remain static until the contents of that file are scanned entirely. Let me know if the number of scanned files increases even though the product shows 99%.
  6. Hello, What Windows build and what Bitdefender build are you running on that machine ?
  7. Hello, I was able to reproduce this issue on our test beds. It would seem only Firefox is affected by this. The issue has been sent to our devs and a fix will be released in the shortest time possible.
  8. Hello, ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED is usually seen on devices connected to the internet via Wi-Fi/Mobile Internet, the connection drops and the device connects to a different node/router.
  9. Hello, Please provide me with a few examples of URLs (auctions) that get flagged as malicious. Thank you for reporting this issue.
  10. Hello, The product will not perform a full system scan on the machine by itself. You can use the Custom Scan feature to schedule one if needed. The AutoPilot monitors the device in real time for any malicious applications/attacks and also scans the startup items when booting the machine.
  11. Hello, Once installing the product it will generate a rule for applications that require internet access and if that application is not flagged as malicious. In a sense it gets access by default if its not harmful. You can go to Bitdefender > Protection > View Modules > Firewall > Rules and set the existing rule or create a new rule for the application and deny access to it.
  12. Hello, @Mimi The issue depicted in this thread was resolved. If you are using a Wi-Fi connection try a cabled one. Should the issue persist please contact our support team via with the logs from the Bitdefender Support Tool attached so we can further investigate and assist in resolving it.
  13. Hello, The only difference between the two is that the Trial will expire in 30 days. The update varies, it never has the same size. If a fix is deployed the size will be noticeably larger.
  14. Hello, I would advise excluding the Hard-drive. BD scans what the OS gives it to scan. Every time the external HDD is mounted, it's likely that the files are re-indexed and seen as new files.
  15. Hello, No, its not mandatory. However if you access websites with flash content you will not be able to see or interact with that content.