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  1. Ammiddeon, Die Nachricht ist nicht auf das Thema dieses Threads bezogen, daher sehe ich mich verpflichtet, Ihnen eine Warnung. Bitte halten Sie die Beiträge schreiben Sie zum Thema!
  2. Hi Fatih, I have moved your thread here ( I think it is more appropiate). In order to answer your question we would need more info about the version of the client you have installed. But, a preliminary answer would be that your network administrator has filtered the sites you are allowed to visit and that is why you cannot access some sites.
  3. Hi there - while posting on this forum please make use of proper English. IM or lazy writing such as (sry instead of sorry, not using the right punctuation signs, etc) will not be tolerated. It's not nice to have other people spending time on deciphering your words, especially taking into consideration that everybody else tries to write as correct as possible.
  4. Hi there, It seems that I have to remind you once again that the BitDefender forum is a SUPPORT forum, meaning that most of the users that will drop by and open a thread, are actually experiencing an issue or more, with one of the BitDefender products. Therefore, from the very beginning asking a question like "are you happy with your bd product" is extremely wrong.
  5. Salut, Votre problème a été pris en considération et le soutien des membres de l'équipe vous contactera dès que possible.
  6. Salut - puteti sa raportati phishing prin toolbarul antiphishing.
  7. Hi all ... this thread is obviously an ad campaign hemanth is leading for norton products. Therefore, this thread will be first closed, then deleted. Hemanth you are at warn 60%, and you will be banned upon trying to advertise other security products in here again. If you only care about the features BitDefender Internet Security does not have, please write me a PM and I will make sure your ideas get to the right people. However, if you fail to stop posting competitor screenshots and features you will get banned. This is a BitDefender Forum, if you ain't seen it, try to look around.
  8. Hi Figher, Would you mind posting your PC's configuration while a support team member manages to reply to your question ? T-B0N3
  9. Hi Fungus, Please stand by while a support team member replies. Thanks.
  10. Topic closed for duplicate posting. Please follow replies here : http://forum.bitdefender.com/index.php?showtopic=13049 Jan - please do not double post.
  11. Hi Jan, Please hold while our support team responds to your message.
  12. Hi there Arn. I have just increased your warn level - and will take more action if you keep on posting offensive messages. This is a public forum, with clear rules, and even though I can understand your attitude, I do not find it normal that you express yourself this way.
  13. Solved, so we should close it right?
  14. Hi there StarWilson. Normally, when you sign up to be a reseller you should get contacted by an account manager that should give you the appropriate rights to login into the partner pages. If you did not get contacted please let us know.
  15. Hi there. Bitte schreiben Sie nicht in großen Schrift, können wir Ihre Nachricht auch in kleiner Schrift. Wenn Ihr BitDefender ist ein Original wenden Sie sich bitte an die BitDefender-Support-Team, die sie mit Informationen zu Ihrem Problem.