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  1. hallo alle miteinander, Wollte neulich vSphere auf aktuelle 6.5 updaten, angefangen mit Virtual Center. Bei compatibility check kommt die Warnung - "incompatible Plug-in found - Bitdefender SVE" - konnte nach Update nicht mehr funktionieren. In Whitepapers auf steht auch nicht deutlich - " VMware vCenter Server 6, 5.5, 5.1, 5.0 or 4.1" Also meine Frage - wird vSphere 6.5 unterst├╝tzt? PS You can answer in English too
  2. Yes, i confirm that. After WeekEnd my PC can not response some minutes(ca. 5min) after awakening from hibernate. Endpoint Security Service eating about 99% CPU. Really stupid behavior. It is only BEST Problem, old EndPoints are ok.
  3. I was now helped by remote session. to do was just reset licenses. So what... Thanks to support!
  4. Update: Not only BEST client issued, butold Endpoint Security client too. Under Agent Information to see: "License: Pending" - On ca. 30 Clients AV is dead! Impossible!
  5. Some time ago I installed some BEST clients on the network. Today i got Message: "The registration status of a Bitdefender agent installed in your network has changed to Expired Computer Name: NB100838 Computer IP: Installed Agent: Endpoint Security License Information: Expired" I have active Licence for more then 1000Days and only 75 Lics from 200 is active! Any suggestion?
  6. Sorry, issue still remains. No automatic updates at all. If i start "service bd restart" it make update only once. Today i have last updated:09 Jul 2015 11:21:41 dpkg -l | grep bitd OutPut is: "ii bitdefender-scan-server" Policy applied to SVA is "Default Policy" no changes were made. It is very annoying to do updates manually, can You help me please?
  7. Enter CC click on Configuration, go to the tab Active Directory?
  8. Sorry, problem with updates persists. service bd status shows after service restart: "BitDefender Endpoint Agent Daemon (bdepagd) dead but pid file exists." Signatures are updated only one time at the restart. Any advice?
  9. Hi David, You are the Best! it has helped, now everything works again. Best regards from Austria.
  10. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, After successful (as the message) upgrade the GZQS to Ver we have the following problems: 1. Security Server on Bitdefender GZQS remains on and marked as "has issues". 2. Last Update State frozen before upgrade on Friday (3 days old) and Signatures version is old - 7.60911 3. "Security Server Update" remain in PENDING State if i try to update Bitdefender GZQS. Can you help me? Thanks in advance