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  1. My original license key for Bitdefender for Unices has expired. I received a new license by email but BitDefender won't accept it. I tried deleting the file at /opt/BitDefender-scanner/var/bddt.dat and running bdscan --info but the software won't accept the new key. Bdscan --info shows: BitDefender Antivirus Scanner for Unices v7.141118 Linux-amd64 Copyright © 1996-2014 BitDefender. All rights reserved. Trial key found. 30 days remaining. Loading plugins, please wait Plugins loaded. Engine signatures: 5758306 Scan engines: 16 Archive engines: 50 Unpack engines: 13 Mail engines: 9 System engines: 5 License expire date: Sep 29 2015 I am running OpenSuse 13.1. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Sorry for this note. The solution was as simple as updating the software with the temporary 30 day key. Thank you for the software.
  2. Downloaded and installed the rpm packages from Bitdefender on OpenSuse 13.2 64-bit. Ran updates from the gui successfully. The initial attempt to run and bdscan --info both produced a Segmentation fault. Ran the posted fix for the Segmentation fault which updates and verified the file was new. The error message from bdscan --info changed to Core loading failed but the scanner still does not run from the gui. I could use some help.