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  1. I am running Scientific Linux 6.5 (based on RHEL 6) on an Intel Core i7-3960X system. I recently installed BitDefender for Unices, latest available version (7.6). I applied to fix the "segmentation fault" error. I have an updated registration to a regular personal use key. The program seems to be running well; except for the following problem: When I run a scan on the full file system (i.e. /) I get numerous "permission denied" messages (see the enclosed log file). The results summary is ----------------------------------- - Total scanned files: 63660 - Infected items: 0 - Suspected items: 0 - Disinfected items: 0 - Deleted items: 0 - I/O errors: 7342 - ! No threats have been detected ---------------------------------- I notice that apparently all of these, with one exception, involve a /proc/ directory, which have special features. However, there is one item at the top of the log file: Failed to enter directory '/root': Permission denied which is worrisome. I get similar "permission denied" messages if I scan only the user account, except that the '/root' line doesn't appear in the log file. I have had an essentially identical system running without this problem for about a year. Should I worry about this; is there something significantly wrong? Or just ignore it?