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  1. And I installed in synaptic everything with "libunity-gtk-". See your error message.
  2. I ran next three lines on a terminal. sudo touch /opt/BitDefender-scanner/var/lib/scan/bdcore.so.linux-x86_64 sudo ln -fs /opt/BitDefender-scanner/var/lib/scan/bdcore.so.linux-x86_64 /opt/BitDefender-scanner/var/lib/scan/bdcore.so sudo bdscan --update I ran sudo bdgui and it works. You can create a starter and place gksu in front of the command line bdgui. Kind regards, Janflorijn
  3. Hi, I am no prof so I could not help you. I hopen my information does help you, or those who could help you. I am facing the same problems. But I discovered that whem you start a update and Bitdefender seems to crash the update continous in the background. Look in/opt/BitDefender/var/lib/scan/Plugins/ or /opt/BitDefender-scanner/var/lib/scan/Plugins/. I think Bitdefender does not store the required environment variables in teh system. And I think the problem is 64bit related. I work with Ubuntu Studio 14. In 32 bit it works without any problem In 64 bit I have the same problems. Kind regards, JanFlorijn