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  1. You probably need to update the virus database
  2. You can still download it and get a free license key
  3. I still get virus signatures updates and it works well in LMDE2
  4. Start Bitdefender from the terminal, maybe you see some error messages. I'm running LMDE 2 (Debian stable) and Bitdefender is running fine.
  5. There is a lot he / they can do. I've been an admin on and EVERY new user was checked by In those days we had zero spam ...
  6. I don't anymore. How good the reviews of their antivirus maybe, I'm done with bitdefender.
  7. Same kind of crap here. Windows is english, my location is netherlands. Bitdefender installs dutch language and there is no possibility to change it
  8. maybe you can do t from several terminal sessions at one time : bdscan /dev/sdb and so on for every external drive